Behold, YouTube’s most disliked video so far – the trailer of 2016’s Ghostbusters remake. As of today, the video has racked over 36 million views, 269,000 likes and close to 1 million dislikes.


There are many sexist “but I’m not sexist” reactions:





Disclaimer: I’ve actually never watched the original Ghosbusters Unface pool. Cue gasp…



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As a child I hardly watched any TV or movies, but I’ll get to it okay, jeez, unbunch your panties now!

Disclaimer 2: There’ll be major spoilers ahead so turn back now if you haven’t watched it and read our other awesome articles standard.jar 다운로드.



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So here’s what I know about the Ghostbusters franchise:

  • There were 4 men; two of which are Dan Akyroyd and Bill Murray
  • There’s a catchy theme song, and…
  • They catch ghosts. I’ve always confused Ghostbusters with Casper, because their logo kind of looks like a deformed Casper, right!?

I was pretty shocked when the first ghost appeared, because it was actually scary and I had to hide behind my jacket with one eye closed bee hive. Note: I also found Shaun of the Dead scary, so you know what my standards are.



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And I heard the following things about the remake: people hated that it starred an all-female cast and people accused the movie of racism.

Here’s my sweeping review: PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL THE F**K OUT.


Was it a movie about feminism?


No, but it was a heavily-featured element, obviously Download Namola Family. The women were the smart, strong ones and the men were a dumber-than-a-piece-of-toast Chris Hemsworth, and a sad little pasty man who was angry at the world because he was, well, sad and pasty.

I wish Hollywood would pick a different type of antagonist already. Hey, good-looking, rich people can be psychotic too.




Verdict: There were no unshaved armpits 해리포터와 마법사의 돌 게임.


Was it a racist movie?


The gang featured 3 white scientists and 1 black woman, Patty, who works at a subway station. That’s really the gist of why there’s a big hoo-ha (hurrhurr) over the movie. “Sure, 1 out of 4 of the Ghostbusters is a non-scientist, and pick the black woman to play her.” My only issue really is how Patty is portrayed 나야나 mp3 다운로드. She’s the “sassy big momma” – loud, doesn’t shut the hell up, wears earrings the size of doughnuts, and calls the gang’s work “science stuff”. I’m 70% sure this was deliberate attempt at being facetious, but 100% sure it was overdone and annoying as hell.

The only token thing in the movie is Patty’s “genius” revelation at how to beat the ghosts Download the transparent icon. It feels a little bit thrown in there “just because”. Hell yea, black loudmouthed women can be smart too!



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But the “annoying as hell” award actually goes to Kristen Wiig’s character Erin. Yes, send a woman who is concerned about her credibility screaming all around town about evacuating the city because ghosts are coming. That’ll totally work.



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Verdict: Malaysia’s rampant racism has desensitised me 영화 메멘토.


So, was it a good movie?


I enjoyed the first half, but it started going a little bit downhill after that. Severe lack of character development, some cheesy scenes here and there, but not enough to ruin the movie. It’s good fun with good laughs, and big entertainment value Delphi 6.


Final verdict: Again, CHILL THE F**K OUT. Don’t read too much into it. Read books. Sit back and enjoy it for what it is – a Hollywood film.


My highlight of the movie:


The awesome weaponry and an even more awesome fight scene starring my favourite character Jillian Holtzmann.



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