We’ve established that eyebrows are kind of a big deal, but do you know the right way to make sure they complement your face to enhance it the best way possible Eclipse c++? We recently attended a workshop hosted by Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia, who brought down its Global Services’ international spokesperson, Jared Bailey to show us how to map out our own wow-brows and what gives a wow-brow its wow-brow factor 3d max 9 다운로드. You’ll definitely want to pay attention.

Things you’ll need:
+ A ruler, pen, stick or anything with a straight edge for mapping
+ A brow kit or brow pencil (we used Benefit’s Brow Zings kit, obviously)


We chose the Brow Zings kit (RM129) because aside from the tinted brow gel and setting brow powder, it comes equipped with a hard angled brush, blending brush and a pair of tweezers that are sized perfectly to get rid of those pesky strays Download google ebooks.


Step One: To make sure your brows start on point, use your pen/stick/ruler’s straight edge to measure from the inner corner of your nose to the start of your eye Speechless sheet music. Your brow should start aligned to the point of the start of your eye. You can use your powder or pencil to mark the point before you fill in the whole of your brow Download micropayments.


Step Two: To find the perfect arch of your brow, use your stick to measure a line from the inner corner of your nose through your pupil (make sure you’re looking straight on) Compare beyond 4. The line will intersect with the space on your brow where the arch should begin. Don’t forget to mark it with your powder or pencil!


Step Three: Finally, to find the end of your brow, take your straight edge and measure, this time starting from the outer corner of your nose to the end of your eye currency cop 다운로드. The line it creates will tell you the perfect place for your eyebrow to stop! Fill in your eyebrows with light strokes (I found that drawing in colour in individual lines that look like hairs help to make your brow look softer and more natural) making sure to stick to your guidelines and you’ll have the perfect wow-brow in no time at all spss 체험판 다운로드.

Of course, this is all just a rough guide to clean, tidy brows, so if you prefer your brow to start a little further out, draw out a little longer at the ends, or have them arch a little more and you know you can make it #werk, then by all means Big Hero 6!

Don’t forget to show us your wow-brows and share your tips and trick on maintaining them!

Image credit: courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia, Amanda Ong & Kathryn Rao