RMK has a new creative director, Kaori, and she’s here to show you what the colour pink can do for your everyday look in its latest 2014 Spring/Summer collection; her debut offering with the brand Age 2 apk of civilization. Combining different shades of pink including fuchsia, rose and baby pink together in several limited edition palettes, Kaori gives women the tools to transform their looks daily “as you would when you put on a new outfit every morning” 우리집오락실4. On top of all its amazing eye and cheek palettes, the collection also comes with five different nail colours and lip crayons and gloss. Here’s an inside look of the collection slay the spire 다운로드.


Choose from five different limited edition 3-in-1 eyeshadow palettes – pink highlighter bases that come with both pearlescent and glittery hues that will change and add depth to the several shades of pretty pinks when reflected against the light Download The Walking Dead Game Season 1!


From left: 01 Beige Pink // 02 Pink Bronze // 03 White Pink // 04 Yellow Pink // 05 Rose Pink


If you’re looking for a great all-rounder, opt for RMK’s Kaleidoscope Nuance Colour Palette Download King Aliwang. Faceted with six special shades to perfectly match any skin tone, this finishing powder was easily everyone’s standout product from the collection 너의 기억 다운로드. Its expert combination of textures from matte, soft matte and pearlescent gives skin a naturally radiant finish and will even create the best contours for your skin colour 크립토락커.


From left: 01 Translucent Beige // 02 Translucent Coral Pink


Top: 01 Translucent Beige Pink (bronzer + highlighter); Bottom: 02 Translucent Coral Pink (blush + sculpter)

What’s a pink collection without the insertion of a rosy pink flush Download samsung galaxy series firmware? RMK’s duo-toned cheek palette combines two textures – a base with a shimmery pearlescent shade that will brighten skin and give you a natural glow, and blushes to suit both yellow and red undertones 모토레이서1 다운로드. Complemented by RMK’s Face Colour Brush (made from the finest mountain goat hair) achieve professional results, blending and polishing with ease Download towelroot.


Clockwise: 01 Coral Pink // 02 Beige Pink // RMK Face Colour Brush


Top: Coral Pink; Bottom: Beige Pink

RMK’s Nail Colour EX line consists four different shades designed to make your fingers look candy-coated! Spot on, because that’s exactly what our fingernails looked like after two lashings of the slightly translucent varnish. It also comes with a holographic base and top coat for those of you that would like to give your jelly baby manicure an added shimmer. Wear it over or under for the sweetest tips in town!


From left: CL-12 Clear Cherry // CL-13 True Pink // CL-14 Clear Orange // CL-15 Clear Gray Blue // EX-01 Shiny Base & Top Coat

And here comes my favourite part of RMK’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection – its W Crayon & Gloss Lips! Each stick comes in a colour pairing – a matte crayon for a beautiful solid pigment and a semi-transparent gloss you can use over the crayon for a juicier pout! The colours range from shocking pink to a mellow nude and you can wear them separately, depending on your mood.



From left: 01 Cherry Red // 02 Deep Pink // 03 Nude Beige // 04 Coral Beige // 05 Coral Orange

The über versatile Play On Pink collection launched today, and is now available at all RMK counters nationwide. For more information, follow RMK Malaysia on Facebook.

Image credit: courtesy of RMK, Zoé Ng