American design duo Proenza Schouler kick-started the satchel trend with the PS 1, and then came Mulberry’s Alexa 로제타스톤 디지털 다운로드. Previously a very seasonal style with a utilitarian shape, satchels took the world by storm and are now here to stay.

In early 2011, the Cambridge Satchel caught the eye of fashionistas around the globe, and were soon spotted on numerous fashion editors during Fashion Week 투투 벨. And just like that, the Cambridge Satchel Company, with its humble beginnings in late 2007, catapulted to the fashion forefront. Initially designed with a practical purpose in mind – founder Julie Deane wanted to create schoolbags for her children that she imagined Harry and Hermoine from Harry Potter would have used in Hogwarts – it is now dubbed the new “Brit It Bag”. The Cambridge Satchel has since been featured in six international editions of Vogue, not forgetting its cult celebrity and fashion blogger following Download Windows Media Player 12.

Elle Fanning with Bi-Toned Designer Batchel, Kelis with Classic Pink Batchel, and Alexa Chung with 11″ Satchel

Bloggers: Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad and Keiko Lynn

Bloggers Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad, and Keiko Lynn

Available in four sizes (11″, 13″, 14″ and 15″), the Cambridge Satchel Company initially began with solid classic colours but has now expanded its collection to include Fluoro (neons), Designer editions (bi-colours), Glitter, and the most recent addition, Metallics Nova 3.

Metallic Silver Satchel

Metallic Silver 11″ Satchel; also available in Metallic Gold

While the PS1 and the Alexa seem to have fizzled out just a little, the Cambridge Satchel appears to be a hot favourite, without any signs of slowing down Download sybase iq. Priced between £74 and £113 (approximately RM700+ on average), it’s neither snooty nor pretentious, and one that almost everyone can afford! What’s more, it’s also a unisex bag, and guys can rock it just as well as the girls Download frutiger!

Designer Range 15" Bi-Colour Batchel in Green & Navy

Designer Range 15″ Bi-Colour Batchel in Green and Navy; also available in other colour combinations but this is my personal fave!

Though it isn’t available here locally, you can get it delivered to Malaysia for free via Shopbop and Singapore-based e-tailer Doorstep Luxury, while ASOS has an exclusive range of Cambridge Satchels unavailable elsewhere 토익 시험. Alternatively, for the full range, you can check out The Cambridge Satchel Company’s Official Website for a more extensive range and the option to embossing initials Portonbelt.

Fluorescent Yellow 11" Satchel

Fluorescent Yellow 11″ Satchel; also available in neon pink and orange

Graphite Grey Satchel

Glitter Range Graphite Grey Satchel; other colours available

As for whether it’s an It Bag or Cult Classic, I’d say BOTH 화음 벨소리!  To me, the neon, metallic and glitter versions are more seasonal, while the Classic range is a cult classic! And the 11″ versions make a mighty fun clutches 6시 내고향! Now what do you think?


Image credits: Cool Spotters, Cambridge Satchel Company, Keiko Lynn, Schushopmanila, Fashion Squad

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