Worn between your finger tip (below your nail) and before your knuckle, midi rings have been picking up a lot of speed lately Download youtube mp4 1080p. Not only are they a subtle way to accessorise your fingers, they also add a touch of style and can be worn in stacks. For people like me with skinny fingers, I’ve been having a hard time finding ones that fit and don’t fly off my fingers 3ds max 다운로드. Which is why I decided to try making my own, and boy, was it easy!


Things you will need:
+ Craft wire
+ Craft pliers
+ Beads or charms
+ Pen or marker (for sizing)

In this tutorial, I’ll be doing two kinds of midi rings sch 다운로드. Here’s the first type, with beads.


Step One: Start by cutting a small piece of wire, and making a small loop with the help of your pliers Download googleupdate exe.


Step Two: Add beads to the wire, and to secure the beads in, do another loop with the wire 홍익인간 폰트.


Step Three: Once that is done, use a marker or a pen (basically anything you know is about the size of your finger above the knuckle) and wrap the wire around it Download Windows 7 Hotfix. Cut off the excess wire on the back, and you’re done!


Here’s the second type, with a dangling charm Download Gao Gal2.


Step One: Start off using your pliers to make a hook at the end of the wire Download the watch app. Add a small charm, something that won’t make the ring look awkward, and close to the hook to make it a loop.

Step Two: Same as Step Three above 프레젠테이션!