Today’s DIY pays tribute to one of my favourite collaborations this season – Lanvin for H&M  Thank you nozaki! Since I can’t get an air ticket and head to the real deal, something I can get my hands on will have to do in the meantime. If you’re like me and the nearest H&M store is a country away, then read on…

– Fabric cloth (in 4 different colors)
– Safety pin
– Scissors
– Needle and thread* (optional)

Step 1:
-Fold your fabric into a square before starting the “bow” folding process Download whatsapp images. [bow method credit: cheeserland]

-Follow the pictures below, step by step.

-Repeat for all 4  pieces of fabric 무료 font.

-Tie the rear end and bring the cloth back forward and tie another knot 하몽하몽.

-Adjust the bow to make it prefect. 

That’s it 오피스 2013 iso! Enjoy!

p/s: Do share your picture with us if you have tried this out on  our Wearnesday 몬스터헌터 더블크로스 다운로드.