It’s New Year’s Eve. What are you wearing? If like us, you’ve got a stack of outfit rejects heaped across your bedroom floor, head hurting from scratching without a clue, well then, this one’s for you download xp Explorer 10. Inspired by the ‘Boss’ sweatpants by Forever 21, we decided to take the statement a notch higher with a ‘Lady Boss’ motif Miss s. Here’s to 2014 being your year – here’s to you going places, and ultimately, kicking ass every step of the way!

Things you will need:
+ Pants (Sweat pants//Denim)
+ Fabric paint
+ A paint brush
+ Printed fonts
+ A cutter
+ Newspaper
* Iron and Cloth (to set the paint)


Step 1: Print out your desired letters (we made ours to spell the words ‘Lady Boss’) and cut out the parts you’ll need to fill with colour Download Katok Google.


Step 2: Line the inside of your pants with cardboard or newspaper to avoid paint from bleeding through 오븐클라우드.


Step 3: Place the cut-outs, securing them with tape 특별수사.


Step 4:  Paint and let it dry. Then, place a piece of cloth over the lettering and take a heated iron over it (this will help set the paint) Javax.websocket jar.


And there you have it Download The Good Doctor. Who run the world? You!