It’s finally safe to say Future Music Festival Asia’s just around the corner, yay! To celebrate, here’s a cheap and not to mention, super cute, way to customise your festival looks through rain and shine Smartshare.

Things you’ll need:
+ Hi-res images from the internet, or your personal ones.
+ Safety pin/ hair pin / earring backs (depending on what you want to create)
+ Adhesive (glue gun, double-sided tape, et al)
+ Art card paper and laminating sheet+machine (visit your local bookstore)

tic diy

Step 1: Laser print your images 해피데스데이. I tried it on two different types of paper (regular A4 and art card), but I’d recommend going with art card because it’s slightly thicker, and it brings out the colours and vibrancy much better Automatic download on YouTube.

diy hey 1

Step 2: Cut out your images 주 타이쿤.

diy hey 2

Step 3: Place all your cut-out images on to the laminating sheet itunes windows.

diy hey 3

diy hey 4

Step 4: Go through the laminating machine to waterproof it 복면가왕 음악 다운로드.

diy hey 5

diy hey 6

Step 5: Leaving some space, cut out the images once again 인타임 자막.

diy hey 7

diy hey 8

Step 5: To make a collar tips or brooch, use tape and safely pin Download gmer.

diy hey 9

diy hey 10

Step 6: To make earrings or hair clip, use a glue gun or any other super adhesive to stick on the earring backs or hair clips 웹 이미지!

diy hey 11

diy hey 12

diy hey 13

How about a hotdog hair clip 진에어 앱?

diy hey 14

diy hey 15

Wanna shine bright like a diamond to an outdoor concert? Now you can without getting mugged! If you see any of our Style Scouts at FMFA, flag them down and show us how creative you got with this DIY.