Crayon and lipstick – two words you don’t hear together all that often. With all the ‘Crayon Lipstick’ tutorials floating around the interwebs, we couldn’t resist the urge to give this DIY a go Download Matrix 2. First impressions – gross! Images of grubby Buncho crayons that have seen better days definitely comes to mind. But after some research, the ick-factor starts to dissipate 이승철 소원.

It’s essentially your basic lip balm/gloss recipe, but with crayons to give it its pigment. And to put your mind at ease, the crayons used are non-toxic – it’s practically safe for toddlers to munch on Download Genius.

Things you’ll need:
+ Crayons (we used Crayola Washables)
+ Vaseline


Step 1: In a bowl, add a teaspoon of Vaseline and a half a stick of crayon authentic mahjong. Remember to chop the crayon into tiny bits first.

Step 2: Heat it over boiling water in a bain-marie (like you’re melting chocolate, yum) 워크래프트3 1.29 패치. Keep stirring the mixture until all the crayon has melted.


Step 3: Once that is done, quickly pour it into any old lipgloss jar before it cools down and hardens 알집 8.0.

And voila! All the colours of the rainbow at your fingertips.

The verdict? While these homemade lipsticks don’t match up to store-bought lipsticks in terms of lasting abilities (one or two swipes of the tissue and it’s gone), they sure are a good way to get those outlandish colours you can’t find in stores Download the standard dictionary. You’ll never have to use eyeliners as lipsticks again, Zoé!