At Tongue in Chic, while our personal styles and takes on trends may vary, if there had to be one thing we could all agree on, it’d be that upcycling should always be the first way to go during an off-season arcbrutile 0.7! We each love the idea of recycling old accessories to create awesome new ones 카스온라인! We recently found a stack of plain bangles lying around, and decided to get our DIY on.


Things you will need:
+ Bangles
+ Embroidery thread
+ UHU glue
+ Charms & hoops (optional)


Step One: Start off by knotting a piece of thread, applying some glue to hold it in place 상속자들 무료. After that, take the thread and start wrapping around the bangle until it’s fully covered.


Step Two: Once it’s fully covered, knot it again and add some glue to ensure the knot is secure Download the iPhone Safari mp3.

And you’re done! Now, you can either keep it plain, or add a bit of a twist to it.


Option One: Use a different coloured thread to go over the bangle again, making patterns as you go along Age 2 apk of civilization.


Option Two: Add charms and hooks to give it a personalised touch 우리집오락실4.

There you have it, folks! Pretty cute, huh?