Move over pineapple-crested motifs, because the watermelon never falls out of trend for us TiC girls slay the spire 다운로드! Here’s a quick and easy DIY to bring a fresh new twist to your plain white shoes. The best part of it is the fact that it’s a practical solution too – if you don’t have the time, the weather isn’t cooperating, or if you simply don’t want to – you don’t necessarily need to wash your used shoes because the acrylic colours are pretty strong to cover up the dirt Download The Walking Dead Game Season 1!

Things you’ll need:
+ White canvas shoes (new or used)
+ Acrylic paint colours (Red, black, light green and dark green)
+ Paint brushes
+ Optional: Masking tape for a cleaner sole finish Download King Aliwang.


Step 1:  Prep the colours, and starting with the red paint, coat it twice 너의 기억 다운로드.


Step 2:  Next paint on the light green stripes leaving spaces in between (for the dark green) 크립토락커.


Step 3: There are two ways to paint on the dark green stripes – Left: thick and clean chunky watermelon stripes or Right: smeared tone stripes). To achieve the smeared motif, paint on the first coat of dark green with a watery paint brush and then finish off with a thick coat of dark green minus the water Download samsung galaxy series firmware.


Step 4:  Using a skinny brush, paint on the seeds with black dots, hearts or ovals 모토레이서1 다운로드. Leave to dry overnight!


P.S Download towelroot. Don’t worry about getting them perfect – no two watermelons are the same!

Also, acrylic dries up fast and is said to be waterproof … BUT don’t go wearing them out in the rain on the first day, okay? 😉