Statement necklaces are all the rave and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying down! We totally get it though – they’re the one thing to ground or elevate any look, without any tedious layering required Excellent iron bag excellent. We decided we’d try our hands on making a statement necklace, with something as basic as hair pins.


 Things you will need:
+ Bobby pins
+ Nail polish
+ Ribbon or leather string

DSC_0027Step 1: Use a box, or any sort of hard and thin material that will allow you to put your hair pins securely 절벽토끼.

Step 2: Go wild with nail polish! You can pick any colour you want to, then proceed to paint the hair pins 킹오브 무겐. You may need to do two layers as one might be too thin.

Step 3: Make sure the hair pins are all dry, then start inserting the hair pins on the ribbon or leather strap 건강보험자격득실확인서 다운로드. Here’s where you can get creative by mixing the colours and also adding knots between to give it a different look. One you’ve done stringing it all, your done 카카오톡 친구!