We’ve done it! 56 years of freedom! What better way to celebrate and show some Malaysian spirit than with some funky nails and bright peepers in the colours of our national flag Butterfly Jam? We had lots of fun experimenting with the patriotic colours and coming out with different outcomes, so if you do try it out, make sure you mix it up a little aix gcc!


Step 1: Apply base coat – it’ll make the nail surface smoother, making it easier to paint evenly, and will allow the varnish to last longer 와카코와 술.
Step 2: Apply red nail polish on all fingers except the fourth finger, which you will later on, use white nail polish to fill in Ahn Cheol-so vaccine v3.
Step 3: Use a dotting tool or any stick that has a round, blunt end, create red dots on the white surface.
Step 4: Then, with a fine brush, draw two horizontal lines intersected by two vertical lines 오라클 11g 서버.
Step 5: Finally, using a very thin brush, draw 3 horizontal lines on your little finger.
Step 7: To your other hand, apply blue nail polish 지뢰찾기 게임.
Step 8: Taking your fine brush, draw a cresent and asterisk in yellow nail polish. Go over the crescent and asterisk as many times as you want to make the star and moon stand out Download the local emulator.
Step 9: Draw in stripes on your fourth finger and when you’re happy with the final result, apply a top coat.
Et voila Download Eclipse java ee! Your fingers are Merdeka ready! For our make-up look, we used the products displayed in the photo below.
Step 1: Start off with an eye shadow primer Download visual studio 2010 sp1. A good base always helps eyeshadows last, and for the colour to remain vibrant.
Step 2: Paint in the corners of your eyes with a solid white shadow Download Spider-Man Papromhome.
Step 3: Blend outward using two shades of blue – we used a lighter blue in the centre of the eye which faded into a darker blue.
Step 4: Line the center of both the top and bottom of your eyes with a glittery yellow, making sure the white on the bottom of your lid blends nicely into the yellow.
Step 5: Using the same dark blue at the corner of your eyelid, blend downward into the gold shimmer. We used an angled brush for a precise line that wasn’t too solid.
Step 6: Apply an orange shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks.
Step 7: Finally, finish off by swiping on some mascara, and adding some lip tint. We also added a couple of red stars for drama!
You’re now ready to celebrate 56 years of freedom in style! You can also try switching these patriotic colours around to achieve different feels of make-up. What are you waiting for?
Image credit: Siew Lynn, Zoe Ng