Both graduates from Raffles College, Moto and Kelvin have won the judges heart one after the other over the last two Raffles graduation ceremonies. We picked the designers brains a little, to find out more on what inspires their creativity, what their future plans involve, and how they create a collection.

From left: Moto, Kelvin.

From left: Moto, Kelvin.

What are your background stories 영화 창궐?
I didn’t really do art or anything related to fashion when I was young, but I learned classical music – I suppose that’s where I got my artistic touch. I still love music and haven’t lost the passion, it’s just not something I see myself doing for a living. I wanted to do more creative stuff – I wanted to design. So in 2011, I decided to go for fashion design and this decision made a big turning point in my life. Thankfully, my family was super supportive – they just wanted me to stay true to my decision, persist and give full commitment 원펀맨 9화. After two years of studying, I graduated with my brand, Moto Guo.

Kelvin: I am very close to my mother – I am a Mama’s Boy! The reason I gained interest in fashion was all because of her. When I was a child, she’d drag me to the salon and while she got her hair done, I’d flip through fashion magazines! I love indie music – I can’t proceed with a task without indie music – designing, sewing, drafting, sleeping, even bathing! I love to wear and own vintage stuff Gravity.  I’m constantly thrifting at vintage bazaars, and also Chalk Boutique at Sungai Wang Plaza.

Did both of you have a creative childhood?
I actually have an artsy family – my dad was a painter, I have an uncle who is a well known painter in my hometown, and another who’s a songwriter and musical performer. I do believe that more or less they have influenced me in many ways, seeing their work from a young age – that helped shape my artistic sense, which I didn’t realise I had until I started doing fashion 김민규 here 다운로드.

K: I love to draw, always have. I remember doodling Sailor Moon everywhere when I was a child!

Take us through your current collections.
“Out Like A Light” – in other words, “in a deep sleep, or unconscious state”. My collection impersonates a certain sleepy, boyish, geeky guy drawn around my own life when I was a kid – fighting obesity and some serious sleep disorders, such as sleep paralysis and clinomania. I applied these inspirations into my collection, interpreted and expressed the ideas in my own way through silhouettes, textures, fabrications and the types of garments Download Wonder Cam.

My collection includes big forms, and oversized silhouettes that portraye a sense of laziness, to express the idea of bed obsession. It’s just as if I’m wearing my bed/bed sheets/mattress on me, as I slept a lot and spent a long time with my bed everyday and found it very difficult to get out of it – all these are actually symptoms of Clinomania.

K: My collection was based on a story that I had created, entitled, ‘You Made Me This Way’. The story was about a girl named Noah, abandoned at a boarding school by her parents. As a result, it wasn’t easy for her to make any friends. One day, she was lured into a forest and killed mysteriously your 100th love subtitles. Her dead body floated on the river towards the East, washed away until Lekhraj, the devil dancer from Ceylon, Sri Lanka, saw her dead body. Lekhraj started to sew Noah’s torn body and her torn uniform. In the end, Noah was brought back to life – but she was no longer herself again.

My collection was all about high school preppy look, but twisted with some folk elements, inspired by the Devil Dancer’s costume. Some of my pieces, like the bomber jacket, fur cardigan and dropped crotch pants, can be detached by a zipper – so it can be mixed and matched to create anyone’s look with their own style erp.

From left: Kelvin's Mini Collection, Moto's Mini Collection.

From left: Kelvin’s Mini Collection, Moto’s Mini Collection.

How long does it take for the both of you to produce a collection?
Having started work in the industry, I realised that I should fit into this “fast fashion” era and make it a standard of six months to process upcoming projects/collections containing up to 12 outfits (unless it’s a mini capsule collection, which would consume less time).
K: I took about three and a half months to create a five-look mini collection.

We’ve noticed that both of your award-winning collections’ aesthetics are slightly similar yet strangely distinguished 자바 플러그인. Do you plan on starting a brand together by any chance?
M: Not at the moment, we can’t really work together. Hahaha!

If you did plan to start a label together, what would you call it?
M: Kelvin would name it. He always comes up with crazy and funny names!
K: Maybe something very funny like ‘Fatty Boom Boom’.

When designing, do each of you play a big role in one another’s collections Download one game? Or would you say you’re both more independent when it comes to fashion?
Not really, but I will ask for his opinion and he will ask for mine too – he knows what he wants all the time, and is very clear with his own vision. We don’t really involve ourselves in each other’s designing process. Only after we have actually sketched something out or made samples, then we will ask each other for opinions or advice.
K: We are quite independent when comes to designing, but we always share ideas and fashion info. When comes to making certain decisions, Moto helps me out a lot 윈도우xp ie8.

From left: Kelvin's 'You Made Me This Way', Moto's 'Out Like A Light'.

From left: Kelvin’s ‘You Made Me This Way’, Moto’s ‘Out Like A Light’.

What have been both of your greatest achievement so far?
I got the best academic award and best collection award during my graduation ceremony – and have been featured and interviewed by quite a number of local and foreign media in a short period of time, and I’m glad that it is still going on as we speak.
K: Winning the best collection at the Raffles College Graduation Show.

If you were to have a celebrity muse, who would it be?
M: Dane DeHaan or Ezra Miller.
K: Kristen Ritter.

From left: Ezra Miller, Kristen Ritter.

From left: Ezra Miller, Kristen Ritter.

What would you say 2014 holds for the both of you as designers? And when/where can we see your future collections?
2014 has been a great year for me so far, and hopefully, more great things are soon to come! I will definitely be very loud about the launch of my new collection – so stay tuned!
K: In 2014, I created my very first collection – I’ve learned a lot and am currently working hard to become a successful young fashion designer. At the moment, I plan to showcase and promote my current collection. As for future collections, I still haven’t put it to paper as yet, but it will happen.