After watching countless videos such as the one below and having envied the perfectly bronzed cheekbones and jawlines of my friends from near and afar, I finally decided to take effort into trying a hand out at some legit face contouring Download the switch. So for all of you contouring newbies out there that would like a chiselled face without having to loose major weight, here’s my guide to face contouring made extra easy just for you (because a girl can relate!) 자옥아.

Things You’ll Need:
+ Foundation or a concealer stick several shades darker than your skin
+ Foundation in your own skin tone
+ Bronzer
+ Translucent finishing powder
+ Highlighter or concealer in a lighter shade than your skin
+ A good blending brush


Step One: Prep skin with a thin layer of moisturiser and foundation, then take a highlighter to the forehead, nose, cupids bow, chin and under the eyes in triangular shapes (I used Marc Jacob’s Remedy Concealer Pen in Rendezvous). Don’t worry about looking silly though, because you’ll be blending it all out in just a bit 영화 연가시.


Step Two: Then, taking a darker shade of foundation or concealer stick, apply around the hollows of cheeks, sides of nose, under lip (for added fullness), temples, hairline and under the jawline as shown in the photo above 오라클 11g 64bit 클라이언트.


Step Three: Using a buffing and blending brush, blend the colours in helm chart. I started blending the highlights down first before moving onto the shadows. The colours should blend together well to give your face added depth. You should be able to see the shadows and highlights, even if they are very subtle Unique macro. We’ll be building up on them in the next step.


Step Four: Pat face down with a translucent finishing powder, before taking a bronzer to build up on the shadowy areas (I used Native from the Naked Flushed palette) Download Murhowt. I especially concentrated on the areas under my cheekbones and around the nose as those are the parts I felt needed the most depth. I did the same with the highlights by dusting them with highlighting powder 네이버 tv캐스트 동영상 다운로드.


Step Five: Once again, use buffing brush to ensure all the shades blend well together, without any totally solid lines on the face Download us a long way later. I added a little blush on the apples of my cheeks for a warm glow (Marc Jacob’s Shameless Bold Blush in Obsessed).


Step Six: Finally, add in your usual make-up steps and you should be good to go Download Hancom Batter Practice 2018! I dabbed on a little pink onto my lips, and drew in my eyebrows and winged liner.

Although contouring might sound and look easy, especially with all the bloggers and YouTubers giving tutorials on it, I’ve still always struggled with getting my face to look perfectly shaded, since my face is pretty two-dimensional and flat. But after a a lot of practice and time, I think my contouring game has gotten better over the year. The best tip I can give you guys right now since I’m not a contour guru as of yet is to remember to always blend, blend, blend!

Until then, I wish perfect cheekbones on everyone!