When she made her debut to the citizens of the planet, she was a shy, demure smiley Miley but today, she’s balls-to-the-walls-tongue-in-your-face Miley.

The number of positive write-ups regarding Ms. Cyrus have been lacking and it’s funny because the ones that don’t like her spend the most energy talking about her and attempting to convince others to support their opinions 드라마 유료.


She was 14 years old when her acting career took off and my oh my, this Nashville girl needed a stylist pronto. In a majority of her red carpet appearances in 2006, she was not seen without her cowboy boots, and thank heavens she doesn’t use them as much as the years passed Annabelle 2.

Miley’s always been about experimenting – particularly in the print department. If you saw her at events wearing something plain, she was probably forced to change because Miley loved her loud prints. Two years on she found a new can’t-be-seen-without: embellishment.


Long gone were the days of odd-looking patterns, also it was about this time when she decided to chop off her signature beach-hair to an elegant bob 직쏘 자막. Her legs have always been her best feature and she’s done a great job at reminding us about it.

During the Much Music Video Awards in 2010, Cyrus performed ‘Party In The USA’ in denim shorts, a cut-out and a bikini top under it. A 180 transformation from what her usual stage attire and the world wasn’t prepared to see it. But y’all should’ve taken notes or read in between the lines after ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ was released guys, come on 파워밀 2010. She was hinting!


Then in late 2012, this supergirl dyed her hair blonde and got a pixie crop which a lot of people complained about. Sure, she didn’t look like Hannah Montana, but how long did everyone think she was going to play that character for?

These days, prints and embellishments (unless they’ve got the marijuana leaves on them, then they’re all over her 괌 세계지도 다운로드!) are something we rarely see on Miley. Now it’s mostly about basic colours, foam fingers, and inflatable penises. She’s come a long way since the days of cowboys boots and playing it safe.

Here are my two favourite looks from the singer pre-Bangerz and after:

1 크라임씬 시즌3. Sixties Lace Shift Dress, approx. RM260, Topshop
2. Bohemian Pendant Necklace, approx. RM32, Forever 21
3 autotune evo 다운로드. Geo Bangle Set, approx. RM47, Swell
4. Rose Fusain, approx. RM115, Yves Saint Laurent 
5 boss bug edition. Cut It Out Boots, approx. RM125, 2020Ave

1. Destiny Singlet, approx. RM66, Monki
2. Chain Choker, approx Download Movie Escape. RM145, Nastygal
3. Dovima, approx. RM61, NARS
4 윈도우10 언어팩 수동. Letterman Jacket, approx. RM195, Angel Cola
5. Super Slim-Fit Jeans, approx. RM110, MANGO
6. Knee High Boots, approx. RM335, Pret-A-Beaute

Until next time, Smilers!


“Have people really got so little imagination? Every morning I look in the mirror and I feel like a blank canvas and I choose who I want to be.”


Image credits: Seventeen, Daily Mail, MSN.