It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, and we hope everyone’s been extra nice to their dads; spoiling them rotten like how they do you. This is an appreciation to four unbelievably good-looking fathers we’ve gotten to know through the TV screen. Believe you me, I had almost 30 men that I wanted to include but I told myself to get real …

So for this week’s Closet Copycat, I picked my favorite looks from each personality and styled it into weekend looks for girls.

David Beckham

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 7.58.30 AM

Whenever we see photos of Becks spending time with his kids it always warms our hearts because despite his hectic schedule, he puts his family first Download kakaotalk emoji pc. Awww!  

And we can’t help but state the obvious: Mr. and Mrs. Beckham have great genes. We’re pretty sure we’re going to see these kids in every advertisement in the near future. Just look at them.


1. Flannel Shirt, approx. RM465, Yoox
2 인터넷은 되는데. Chevron Reveal Ring, approx. RM 600, Pamela Love
3. Sienna Creme Lip Color, approx. RM115, Laura Mercier
4. Destroyed Shorts, approx. RM87, 2020Ave
5. Lace Up Flat Boots, approx. RM860, ASOS

Swizz Beatz


Talented. Intelligent. Extremely good looking. Married to the lovely Alicia Keys. Swizz Beatz got it good!

We praise them for the way they dress Egypt Daoud Dean (yes, that’s his name). That kid has more swagger than Jagger. And us. Why didn’t our parents dress us like that?  And he’s only three years old! Watch out world, we have a style icon in the making Free download to windows 7.


1. Luxe Blazer, approx. RM200, Zalando
2. Skater Dress, approx. RM240, Forever New
3. Roshe Run, approx 마마무 넌is뭔들 다운로드. RM375, Nike
4. Tote bag, approx. RM270, Mango
5. Bright Orange, approx. RM48, Butter London
6. Waterproof Mascara, approx. RM88, Lancome

Joel Madden

Exclusive... Joel Madden Takes His Kids Out On A Coffee Run

Back when Good Charlotte were good, Joel and Benji were the most adored siblings in the industry – handsome, talented, and covered in tattoos. It was love at first sight! And we’re sure that’s how Nicole Richie felt too …

Both parents are in the creative line, so we can only imagine the brilliance that Sparrow and Harlow will create Firefox. We’re looking forward to it too! Look at Sparrow rockin’ that hairstyle and lookin’ way older than four years old. Don’t grow up too quickly kiddo!


1. T by, approx. RM200, Alexander Wang
2. Alexandria Necklace, approx Download joker. RM64, NastyGal
3. Boyfriend Low Jeans, approx. RM160, H&M
4. iPhone 5 Case, approx. RM89, NastyGal
5. Black Microsuede Platform Heels, approx Download the Sound of Music movie. RM75, Styletread
6. Snapback, approx. RM42, Golf Wang

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka out for walk with their twins in Manhattan.

David Burtka is handsome too but I’m biased; Dougie Houser forever. Neil (yes, I  do know him personally that’s why I address him by his first name) is charming, absolutely hilarious and such a giving person. David and him are such a cute pair, it hurts a little bit.

Also, their Halloween costume game is always strong Download the Mando Genie map. I can only imagine what it’d be like to be that dedicated …


1. Long-sleeve Blouse, approx. RM81, H&M
2. Solar Handpiece With Labradorite, approx. RM1800, Pamela Love
3. Pop Of Color, approx 모바일 배틀그라운드 핵 다운로드. RM80, Bobbi Brown
4. Jersey Maxi Skirt, approx. RM540, Net-A-Porter
5. Shine Boat Shoe, approx. RM130, Keds

We hope you enjoyed this post Download Samsung Cell Phone Driver. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads on planet Earth.
Until next time!