The right routine will help your make-up go the distance. In our hot, humid weather, it can be a tad challenging at times for us girls when it comes to make-up. The last thing anyone wants is to have our make-up become a hot mess by lunch time!

When it comes to ensuring our make-up has the long lasting effect, one has to do a bit more “work” to make it stay put. Preparation is the name of game here and if you take the time to do so, you’ll be rewarded for a look that can see you through from day to night with minimal touch-ups Download the pono dubbing on the cliff. Who doesn’t want that? 🙂

Prepping your skin before you apply makeup is key. Always start with a clean face, then continue with your usual skin care routine, slap on the moisturiser and don’t forget your sunscreen! When one’s skin is plump, even-toned and well moisturised, you’ll get more out of your make-up products as you’ve a great base to work on.

We had the opportunity to speak to a makeup artist, Alice Yap and Ashley Loong from Apronbay about makeup and how to get it to be long lasting. For those of you who don’t know Apronbay, they are one of the best in terms of all things grooming and are reliable experts in their field. From seeing to all your hair removal needs to being nail gurus and embroidery experts, they definitely know a thing or two about make-up trello 다운로드. They also offer make-up services. Alice was kind enough to share with us some great tips on how to get long lasting make-up so with the party season coming up, check out these handy make-up tips. We’ve got you covered!


Long Lasting Make-up Step #1: Prime Your Face

There are many primers in the market so choose one that works well on you. Everyone has different skin needs so spend some time to find out which primer (as well as other products) works best for you. Primers help create a smoother surface and thus, this makes putting on foundation, BB or CC Creams a breeze Download Fifa 18 World Cup mode. Putting primer down first gives an additional layer of something to hold on to. Pick one to match your skin type: a smoothing one for large pores or fine lines, a mattifying one for oily faces, or a hydrating one for dry skin.


Long Lasting Make-up Step #2: Build Your Base


According to Alice, when it comes to long lasting make-up, it’s best to “build” your base. After priming, the next step is to put on the coverage. Recently, we got hold of the CM Pro Edition Underglow Hydrator from Sephora and we have to say that we love this product Download Peter Rabbit! It’s super easy to put on – always a bonus for those in a hurry. It’s a lovely rose-scented formula, enhanced with Vitamin B3 and offers great lightweight coverage. Alice did a makeover for our lovely Executive Editor Ching Yee and used the several of CM Pro Edition Underglow Hydrators not just as a base for Ching Yee but also to contour. It stayed on well throughout the day and the scent isn’t overpowering. If you want additional coverage, Alice recommends to apply your usual foundation on top of this, set it with some loose powder and voila 메신저 다운로드! you’re sorted!


Long Lasting Make-up Step #3: Apply in Layers


After you’ve done with the base, apply our blusher and bronzer. Use a light hand to apply powder blushes and bronzers. Alice likes to sweep both blusher and bronzer lightly and layer it on. She said that this really helps to blend it in. Blending is crucial when it comes to doing your make-up. Alice advises that when you take the effort to blend, it helps to do away with harsh lines and this will make it less obvious if your makeup does start to melt a bit or when you perspire Download the hansu handbook of God.

We got the Treasure Box Collector’s Set by tarte from Sephora during their Christmas preview and it’s an awesome collection of make-up suitable for all skin tones! If you’re a make-up junkie, this one is a keeper. Alice used a combo of both the blushers and the lighter bronzer on Ching Yee from this set.


Long Lasting Make-up Step #4: The Eyes Have It


It’s good to do a light make-up base for the eyes even for a more “natural look”. This just adds that little something and makes you looked more groomed. Ensure that you didn’t miss out on priming your eye lids as well when you were doing the primer Download the screen-adjusted video. Many brands have special primers for the eye lids. We found that the primer for concealers and eye shadows from Benefit, called Stay Don’t Stray Stay-Put Primer is a good one to use. Dap this primer over the eye lids and blend it in.

Once you’ve primed your eyes, follow through with the eye shadows, eye liner and mascara to bring out your peepers. For a long-lasting eye liner, opt for a waterproof formula, or use a regular one and go over it with a powder of the same colour to set it. Alice used these eye shadows on Ching Yee from the Treasure Box Collector’s Set from tarte: “trinket”, “globe”, “emporium”, “bazaar” and “odyssey” Download Windows 7. Alice then finished Ching Yee’s eyes with “kitten” eye liner and “lights, camera, LASHES” mascara from the set.


Long Lasting Make-up Step #5: Finishing Touches


Finish off the look by not forgetting your lips. Ensure your lips aren’t chafed. If they are, exfoliate your lips gently and apply lip balm to moisturise your lips. Once they’re moisturised, apply a lip colour to complete the look. The lip paint in the tarte set, “tarteist” is a great neutral pink.

Alice says that when it comes to ensuring your make-up stays on and to get it to be long lasting, it’s important to finish it off with a finishing spray to set the make-up farpoint spread 다운로드. There are several brands that have finishing sprays. We have found the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia (RM89.00) to be good and reliable. You can also purchase it easily online (lazada and Spritz on few sprays of this, let it dry and you’ll be ready to face anything!




Even this resting bitch face Download the Need for Speed reboot.


By Ann Lee.