Or not! A while back, the team felt a little bit adventurous and decided to check out one of Klang Valley’s many hiking spots, Bukit Saga in Cheras. I’m a bit of a hiking enthusiast myself, and as luck would have it, we had just attended the launch of the Jabra Elite Sport, technology’s latest gift to those who want to maintain an active lifestyle Age of Emotion. I don’t usually bring gadgets with me on a hike because all the wires and cables can be a bit cumbersome, but the Jabra Elite Sport has none of those!


chic fit-taking-bukit-saga


These earpieces come with ear buds and ear wings in multiple sizes, so I just had to tinker with them a little bit to find the right fit Respond 1994 20 episodes downloaded. There’s also a portable charger which comes in handy especially in dodgier hiking trails – pretty sure it’ll cause a serious concussion if I threw it at a snatch thief! This nifty carry case gives two rounds of charges (one round of full use is 3 hours).

I also had to download the Jabra Sport Life app to connect my phone to the ear piece 슈퍼맨. This app will help me track my performance at Bukit Saga! It records the usual suspects – heart rate, calories, pace, distance, and so on.

While the fitness tracking of the Jabra app doesn’t offer anything different from other similar apps when used outdoors, those using it indoors will find the rep counting feature extremely useful. You no longer have to manually count your push ups!


Bukit Saga: The Beginning

Waze led me to Jalan Saga 28 (and so does a lot of sources), but for some reason, it was closed on the Sunday that we went 타브악보. So we headed to Jalan Taman Saga instead and parked by the roadside leading to a dead end – unfortunately many hiking spots do not have parking spaces provided.

I had some difficulty putting on the Jabra Sport Elite, and so we stood in the morning sun for a good 10 minutes before I managed to put it on. One of the many downfalls of tragus piercings is that I can never fit in an ear piece comfortably 레인보우6 다운로드.


chic fit-taking-bukit-saga


One cool feature is that every now and again, a pleasant lady tells me my heart rate. So on my “trek” from the car to the entrance of Bukit Saga, she promptly informed me that my heart rate is 130 beats per minute. Yes, I am THAT unfit 오븐 브레이크.

For music enthusiasts, you can also put on your favourite playlist. While the sound quality is not as good as the regular earphones, it’s actually better than the standard ones that come with your smartphone.


Bukit Saga: The Hike

While it is a popular hiking spot, Bukit Saga is nowhere near as crowded as Bukit Gasing, which can dampen the experience Download war time. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of paranoia that my ear piece would fall out, but with the right ear bud and ear wing, it is actually pretty secure, and it didn’t fall out at all the entire hike. However, it was a pretty slow and steady hike – no running involved! (No stamina for that, yet.)


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Great for photo ops, the trail is very clearly marked so it’s quite difficult to get lost 굿모닝 프레지던트 다운로드! There are some parts with ropes for climbing too, but there are alternative trails right by the side. The ear piece is rather thick and can appear to be quite obvious especially on smaller ears, but when people looked I just felt super cool like an FBI agent 😎


chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-4


I’m also happy to report that I didn’t encounter any giant millipedes, which I have, multiple times in other hiking spots. *stifles internal screams*


Bukit Saga: The Peak

All in all, it wasn’t a difficult hike. At several points, the Jabra Elite Sport told me that my heart rate was over 160 – a number which my smartwatch corroborates wm recorder. A quick Google search assures me that it’s normal (phew!). We took almost an hour to get to the peak – a flat area which was done up quite nicely.


chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-2

chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-2


For those who forgot their water bottle and survived all the way to the top, clean water is available 히어로 팩토리 게임. Then, you can hang around in the pondok, swing, and many other seating areas! It had almost a festive atmosphere as lots of people were sitting around chatting.

After relaxing for way too long, we started our trek downhill.


chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-6

chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-6

chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-6


At the exit, we walked past what appeared to be an abandoned construction site. Slightly eerie, one can believe that the old rusty tractors will turn into a Decepticon!

Soon after, we rewarded ourselves with a hearty brunch.


chic fit-taking-bukit-saga-9


It probably undid all the work we did at Bukit Saga, but it was worth it!

(It was Bala’s Banana Leaf at Lucky Garden, Bangsar Baru. You’re welcome!)



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