Some say that beauty is only skin deep. But when it comes to getting your wedding game face on, you need to go much deeper than that. And like all things beautiful, it involves care and most of all, planning and budgeting. Fret not – stick to our wedding beauty plan, and you won’t go wrong!


Wedding Beauty Plan #1: 9-12 months before


chic brides wedding beauty plan


Beauty Budget. If you have skin conditions/issues that you’d like to deal with such as dermatitis, adult acne, skin tags, dermabrasion, scar revision, and so on, you definitely need a good dermatologist and a well-laid out plan. See your dermatologist as early as possible to start treatments. Not all things work from the get go. So, you’ll need time for treatments to work and if they don’t work well, you’ll have time to find other solutions with your doctor 영화 33. If you have particular aesthetic surgical procedures that you’d like to do, then speak to your doctor about this and set a date to do it and remember to give yourself ample time to heal. Don’t forget to factor in those facials and any other pre-wedding beauty treatments that you may require into your beauty budget.


Beauty Boards on Pinterest. Start compiling all areas you’d like to cover. This, in a way, is your Beauty Bible! Organise your boards into categories such as Wedding Ceremony Hair, Wedding Day Makeup, Tea Ceremony Hair, Tea Ceremony Makeup, Wedding Dinner Hair, Wedding Dinner Makeup…you get the drift chrome remote desktop. Anything you put in here becomes your reference when deciding your bridal looks with your hair stylist and makeup artist.


Beauty Dream Team. This is the time to start researching for your ideal hair stylist and makeup artist for your wedding day. It’s never too early because good talent gets snapped up fast, so you’ll want to book them in advance and also lock down your budget (especially before inflation!). Refer to your beauty board to find someone who can give you the look you want!


Hair Care. If you’re thinking of trying a new style or colour, this is a good time to give it a trial run Fantastic Duo 2. This is because if you don’t like it, you’ll still have time to change your mind! If your hair is in need of more intensive treatments, you’ll also have the time to rejuvenate your hair into its full glory.


Smile. Not all of us are born with perfect teeth. Thus, if you’re keen to have your teeth whitened or if you have any other dental concerns, this is the best time to work with your dentist so you have the time to schedule your treatments accordingly.


Wedding Beauty Plan #2: 6-9 months before


chic brides wedding beauty plan


Hair & Makeup Trials Windows 8.1 genuine. Once you’ve selected your preferred hair stylist and makeup artist, be sure to ask about trial sessions to see if it’s included in the package, or if they are charged separately. Don’t skimp on trials because bridal hair and makeup is very different from your regular everyday makeup. This way, you’ll know if you’re really happy with their work and, touch wood, if you’ll react badly to any products that they use. When you’re happy with your trial, then book and confirm their services ASAP so you don’t lose out on their availability!


Skin Check dinaru. It’s time to evaluate your skin with your dermatologist to see if you’re on track on your treatments and what you want to achieve. If there is a need to bump up any treatments or to proceed to other steps, discuss with your dermatologist and take the next step. As for facials, don’t lose the momentum and keep going for them regularly as our skin can change due to various stressors. It is important to keep your skin care regime going and most of all, to ensure that it’s working well for you.


Wedding Beauty Plan #3: 3 months before


chic brides wedding beauty plan


Confirmation of Wedding Looks gt works3 64bit 다운로드. It’s time to finalise all your hair and makeup looks! By now, your various wedding attires should be fully confirmed, so you’ll be able to go through all the finer details with your hair stylist and makeup artist to complete all your bridal looks.


Skin Check Round 2. Schedule an appointment to see your dermatologist to address any other final outstanding minor skin issues. At this point, avoid major aesthetic surgical procedures. It’s too close to the wedding day!


Body Treatments. If you’d like to do any full body treatments such as body shaping treatments, lymphatic drainage massages, body scrubs, body wraps, and so on, get them done now Download xss. Plan your schedule with your aesthetician or therapist so that your beauty plans are not delayed or interrupted.


Brow Wow. For those who go for brow embroidery or microblading, make an appointment with a specialist and get them groomed and shaped.


Wedding Beauty Plan #4: 1 month before

Hair and Skin Check. Get a trim as well as that final facial and hair treatment – but only if you’ve had these treatments done before. This is not the time to try anything new in case you have an adverse reaction to any product or treatment Shrek 1.


Wedding Beauty Plan #5: 2 weeks before


chic brides wedding beauty plan-3


Final Hair Call. If your hair is coloured, check your roots and if you need a touch-up, get it done by your regular colourist.


Beauty Dream Team Round Up. Send out the important contact information and wedding itinerary details to your Beauty Dream Team. This should include your main liaison for them to contact on the wedding day and ensure they all know where to go to get your hair and makeup done Driftgirl.


Nails. Schedule your manicure and pedicure appointment for the day before the wedding day.


Wedding Beauty Plan #6: 1 week before

chic brides wedding beauty plan


Confirmation Time. Call up to reconfirm all beauty appointments – or get your maid of honour to do it for you. Don’t let any slip by or get missed out!


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. If you need it, now’s the time to get your full leg, arm and bikini waxing done. Get your brows shaped and groomed as well 영화 창궐.


Bridal Party Beauty Check. Ensure that your bridal party has whatever is needed for their full look – hair pieces, accessories, nail polish, shoes, and so on.


Wedding Beauty Plan #7: 1 day before


chic brides wedding beauty plan


Pack. Start packing your necessities and whatever you need to use for the wedding day. This should also include your Emergency Bridal Kit, your various wedding attires, accessories, shoes, hair pieces, jewellery, shape wear, etc.


Nail It. Remember that mani pedi appointment you made? Enjoy it!


Hair Care. Wash your hair and do a deep-conditioning home treatment to get your locks in tip-top condition for your wedding day.


Skin Care. if you’ve been using a relaxing face mask at home, apply that so that your skin is in good order. However, if you don’t use masks at home, remember not to try anything new.


Don’t forget to call it an early night and get as much sleep as you can. It’s crucial that you’re well rested and relaxed. Oh, most importantly, smile, and enjoy your wedding day!


By Ann Lee.



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