Most brides dream of having the perfect dress for their wedding day. Society has moulded the hunt for the perfect dress into an art. The World Wide Web abounds with hundreds of articles on what the perfect wedding dress looks like. There are articles on wedding dresses based on seasons, locations, atmosphere, just to name a few. There are even articles catering to the brides’ zodiac signs 국민체조 음악 다운로드!




If you’ve spent hundreds or thousands on purchasing the perfect dress for your wedding day, it might seem a bit of a waste to leave it hanging in your closet or have it boxed up for the rest of your life! If you’re looking for ways to give your dress a new life, take a look at our list of ideas.


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #1: Sell It



If you find it difficult to swallow the fact that you’ve just spent a tonne of money on a dress you’ll only wear once and want to recoup some of the costs, sell it Connorstone. Carousell, Shopee, ImSold, and eBay are just some of the online markets for preloved items you could turn to. A fair price for a preloved wedding dress would be 50-60% of the retail value.


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #2: Donate It



Lots of women dream of having a beautiful dress for their weddings but they may not be able to afford the price tag attached Download Rosetta Stone. If you’re feeling charitable, send your dress to a charity shop or a thrift shop where goods have been majorly marked down. The buyer will get a dress she loves within her budget and meanwhile you’ll be helping a worthy cause. Islamic Relief Malaysia, Jumble Station, Kedai BLESS, and Salvation Army rely on donations to stock their charity shops. The funds raised from the sale of items will go to the charities and the causes they support, of course Download the Tegrak kernel. You could also get your friends to pool their dresses for a fundraiser and partner up with a local NGO or charity to raise some funds for breast cancer research, refugee relief, or whatever cause you wish to help!


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #3: Keep It



Save your gown for someone familiar Easy Trance. If you can’t bear the thought of giving it away to a stranger and want to see it on someone you love ─ your daughter (or daughter-in-law), niece, goddaughter, a friend ─ then preserve it. Store your dress in a vacuum bag or a box and have it professionally cleaned regularly. Vintage wedding gowns have been in vogue for some time and brides who want to incorporate parts of the family history into their big days may reuse parts of their mothers’ or grandmothers’ dresses or veils 굿 플레이스 다운로드. If you don’t see that happening, you could just let the kids in your family play dress-up with it from time to time.


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #4: Convert It



Dye it, cut it, alter the hemlines or the sleeves and you’ll have a new outfit for the next cocktail party or gala dinner. There are so many ways to fashion your dress into a new piece of clothing entirely. If your dress is rather sleek and simple, you could even turn it into a top or a crop top-and-skirt combo Download the Map of Okinawa. You could even convert your dress into lingerie! *winks*


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #5: Repurpose It



Use the lace from your veil for a new clutch. Or if your dress is made of satin or silk, cut it up and turn them into pillowcases. Silk and satin pillowcases help prevent your hair from frizzing up and drying out Pion 4. The slippery smooth surfaces also prevent sleep lines from forming on your face. The fabric could also be fashioned into a skirt for your Christmas tree, a bedspread, or pyjamas for your kids!


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #6: Trash the Dress



Have you heard of this trend 김광석 노래 다운로드? Brides wear their gowns in naturally dirty environments, get dirty, and get photos taken while they’re at it. It doesn’t matter if your wedding was just held yesterday or if it’s your ten year anniversary, it’s a good way to commemorate your journey as a married couple. And it’s a good outlet for the pent-up stress accumulated during all those months of wedding preparations. You don’t need to worry about looking perfect or the guest list Laser. Some ideas that would make for an awesome trash-the-dress experience:

  • Have your husband dive underwater with you in his wedding suit too.
  • Roll around in leaves and flowers.
  • Get a marker and write the things you treasure most about each other on the skirt.


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #7: Party with It



If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll remember one episode where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe sit around in wedding dresses while drinking booze. We’re thinking they had the right idea. Gather your best girlfriends and throw a party. Dress code: wedding dresses only. Order some pizza and share the most memorable, laugh-out-loud moments of your weddings with each other. Not in the mood to plan a party? That’s okay. Just wear it to the next costume party or masquerade. Go wild with the makeup and turn yourself into a zombie bride for Halloween or the next Hungry Ghost Festival!


Post-Wedding Wedding Dress Idea #8: Wear It Every Year On Your Anniversary



Who says you can’t wear it again and again and again? There are no rules against feeling sentimental. Wear it every year on your anniversary and get your husband to follow suit. It could end up being cheesy and sappy but who cares, right? Get some photos taken. Eat out at a fancy restaurant in your wedding get-up or join a mass wedding and spread the love! Whatever you do, have fun!


By Zoe Liew.


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