CDs are slowly dying off and becoming a thing of the past, leaving us with a box-load at home at our disposal. Instead of throwing them away, we’ve come up with a good way to recycle them into gorgeous statement accessories spring json 다운로드. With the holographic part of the CD and its vivid rainbow effect that change and glisten when the light hits, this is a perfect way to look stylish, while saving the earth 스트라이커즈 1945 1. Here’s a tutorial on how you can use CDs to make a bib necklace!

Things you will need:
+ Felt
+ CDs
+ UHU glue
+ Scissors
+ Ribbon


Step One: You will need to use a sturdy pair of scissors that can cut through durable items without hurting your hands 덱스 트 업로드. Cut up the CDs in any design you desire. It’s easiest to do irregular triangles.


Step Two: Once you’ve cut out the CD pieces, arrange them on a piece of felt to confirm the design 방사형 배경 다운로드. Once satisfied, use UHU glue to stick the CD bits onto your felt. Make sure to use minimal glue as the holographic material and plastic reacts to the chemicals of the glue 음치클리닉.


Step Three: Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out your necklace piece 공부 타이머 다운로드. This part can get tricky, so take your time and make sure you cut accordingly, so it doesn’t look messy.

Step Four: Turn the piece over, and glue on ribbons to both sides of your necklace base Download the image photo.



And you’re done DarkStar game! A futuristic and fashionable holographic bib necklace that costs less than RM10, and also makes you a better person for recycling!

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