Being Malaysian could mean a thousand different things to people; to me, it is celebrating every festive season and holiday there is regardless of what my culture is. Deepavali (or Diwali) is one of the many festivities my entire family gathers for, and while I’m excited to have home cooked food, a house full of loud relatives and a long afternoon spent in front of my grandfather’s TV room, I’m mostly excited for what I’ll be wearing this weekend (YES, DEEPAVALI IS THIS WEEKEND!)

I usually wake up looking like a hot mess, but on Deepavali (and any special occasion), I like to look my best. While going to the temple isn’t a fashion runway show, I still like to be able to make an effort to look good and feel comfortable. And while being dressed in a traditional outfit is wonderful, I usually wake up too late to get ready and wear it.


1 곰세 마리 mp3 다운로드. Floral Jogger, RM156, Dorothy Perkins
2. Blouse, RM39, Mango
3. Pointed Heels, RM140, Zara
4. Stone & Bead Tube Collar, RM59, Diva
5. Mix Bangles, approx. RM50, Lovisa
6. Woven Bangles, approx Download the employment rules. RM59, Lovisa
7. Long Teardrop Necklace, RM38, Diva
8. Red Shell Rope, RM50, Diva

Everyone’s family and traditions are different; mine are loud and dysfunctional, but over meals, we are the closest. Our lunches can last for hours because of all the eating conversations we have at the dining table. I put together an outfit that not only seems to fit in with the theme of the day, but as well as an airy fabric so I can eat as much as I want, in comfort.


1 db툴 오렌지 다운로드. Printed Tunic Dress, RM199.90, Zara
2. Ring Stack, RM30, Diva
3. Teardrop Earrings, RM28, Diva
4. Wood & Gold Bangle, approx. RM45, Lovisa
5. Gold Etched Bangle, approx. RM45, Lovisa
6. Sandals, RM123, Topshop
7 레버리지 사기조작단 12회 다운로드. Chronograph Watch, approx. RM120, Lovisa

Because our lives revolve around food, it would be crime to not have a tea session after a long lunch. Malaysians without a teh tarik session? Blasphemy! My family and I usually take a walk-down from my granddad’s to the nearest kuih and cendol stall (but that also depends if we’re stuffed, if not we usually just drive).


1. Printed Top, RM199, Zara
2. Shorts, RM86, Topshop
3 Download quick player. Shoulder Bag, Mango
4. Square Ring, RM69, Topshop
5. Wooden Wedges, RM100, Miss Selfridge
6. Horn & Chain Necklace, RM60, Diva
7. Drop Earrings, RM39, Diva
8. Turquoise & Silver Collar, RM60, Diva

By now you would think that we’d all be passed out with severe carb comatose, but NO Download The Leap Gothic 520! In this family, we can eat, eat and eat! Some people eat to live, we live to eat. For dinner, we usually eat out at a restaurant. Not that eating in at home is a problem, it’s just that the women can only spend so much time in the kitchen! I usually don’t go over-the-top for dinner outings, but figured Deepavali only happens once-a-year … so why not, right?


1. Paisley Maxi Dress, RM359, Mango
2. White Clutch, RM176, Miss Selfridge
3 Download windows 7 disk image (iso file). Petrol Metal Stretch Bracelet, approx. RM75, Lovisa
4. Snake Chain Bracelet, approx. RM45, Lovisa
5. Teardrop Earrings, approx. RM60, Lovisa
6. Wing Crest Necklace, approx. RM60, Lovisa
7. Coin Pendant Necklace, approx. RM39 Lovisa
8. Lapis Ring, approx. RM51, Lovisa
9 3d 운전 교실 다운로드. Court Shoes, RM209, Topshop

By the time dinner is over, we all head back to our granddad’s. We chill out, talk about embarrassing times together and when the clock strikes 12, my cousins, siblings and I are out the door to have fun (Don’t judge, we know you do it too)! Everyone ends their Deepavali night differently – some of us go out with our friends to the nearest mamak, while others hit the clubbing circuit. While the outfit I chose may not appropriate for certain venues, it all depends on you, and where you’re going.


1 메두사 바둑 다운로드. Square Neck Cami Dress, RM99, Topshop
2. Crystal and Silver Stretch Headband, approx. RM51, Lovisa
3. Mini Office City Bag, RM169.90, Zara
4. Sequinned Metallic Sandals, RM259, Mango
5. Rhinestone Long Necklace, RM39, Diva
6. Silver Hinge Watch, approx 디아2 맵핵. RM90, Lovisa
7. Silver Tassel Necklace, approx. RM51, Lovisa
8. Diamond Simulants Silver Bracelet, approx. RM60, Lovisa

I would like to say that I know everything about Deepavali and the traditions, but I don’t. I have my own interpretations of it, but I do know it is one of the few days of the year where my family and I can sit back and count our blessings together. And I’d hope the same for you, when I wish you all a great Deepavali!