When it comes to getting married, it’s a super happy occasion (yay!) but there’s also a lot to do (yikes!). With the proposal done and one bended knee dusted, another burning questions pops up – where will the wedding dinner be held?

Now, having that garden ceremony or even that exotic beach wedding may be your ultimate dream. However, if you really think about it, there’s quite a bit to consider, such as the weather and the presence of mosquitos (dengue alert!) 동의서. Our beautiful country has a lot to offer but with the tropical climate, there are unpredictable weather issues and the humidity might make for a bunch of very sticky guests indeed. They are going to make the extra effort to be there with you to celebrate your marriage and thus, their comfort should be your priority!

Hence, while outdoor weddings may be a great idea, it’s also not for everyone geoda 다운로드. Tending to guests can be a logistical nightmare! As such, many opt to have their wedding dinner in a hotel. This will help ease some of those burdens by ensuring that you have the necessary helping hands from the start to the finish.

Planning a wedding dinner is never easy and if you’ve decided to do it at a hotel, we’ve compiled a list of questions to help in your big location search Danboru!


Booking A Wedding Dinner Venue – Asking the Right Questions


Hotel Wedding Dinner Question #1: Venue – yay or nay?

☐ What is the maximum number of guests the ballroom can accommodate in a round table banquet style?

☐ If you decide on Viking style seating (long rectangular table), then how many can the ballroom accommodate sph 다운로드?

☐ What is the minimum number of tables in order to get the full ballroom?

☐ Will the use of the audio visual equipment (including microphones, microphone stands, DVD player, monitors, screens, etc.) and in-house lighting and sound system be included in this wedding dinner package? If not, what are the additional charges?

☐ How large is the stage and is it sufficient for your usage?

☐ How many parking spaces are available at the hotel Manual download of Windows 7 update?

☐ Will there be a flat rate for parking for the guests?


Booking A Wedding Dinner Venue – Asking the Right Questions


Hotel Wedding Dinner Question #2: Money matters

☐ What is the minimum deposit required to book and confirm the hotel for the wedding dinner?

☐ What are the payment terms? (i.e. how many payments are required from the time of booking to the wedding day?)

☐ Do you have to pay for the wedding dinner in full prior to the wedding day Download Kwak Jin-on's music? If so, try to renegotiate these terms so that you have more flexibility with payments.

☐ Can you pay for the balance of the wedding dinner on the day itself, be it in cash or credit card?

☐ Is there a penalty for late payments if there is a payment schedule in the contract?

☐ When is the last day you can confirm your full head count for the wedding dinner snow leopard 다운로드?

☐ Are there corkage charges for alcohol brought in for the wedding dinner? If so, are there different levels of corkage charges based on the types of alcohol served at the wedding dinner?


Booking A Wedding Dinner Venue – Asking the Right Questions


Hotel Wedding Dinner Question #3: Complimentary services

☐ What are the complimentary services provided for the wedding dinner 일곱개의대죄 1기?

☐ Will there be any complimentary rooms for the wedding dinner?

☐ Will there be any complimentary parking tickets for family members?

☐ Will there be any complimentary flower arrangements and if so, what type of flowers will be available for your wedding dinner?

☐ Are there any complimentary wedding favours Download the terrace house? If so, what are the choices available?

☐ Will there be any complimentary backdrop design included in the package?

☐ Will there a complimentary wedding cake included in the package or is there dummy wedding cake instead?

☐ Will champagne be given complimentary for the champagne fountain?

☐ Will there be complimentary food tasting once my wedding dinner menu has been confirmed nginx php 파일 다운로드? If so, how many people can attend the food tasting?


Being an informed couple is important because that helps you make the best of the venue and to make sure you get your money’s worth! Surely, that’s a good thing 🙂 And when it comes to weddings, it can cost a lot of money, so, save where and how you can. Most of all, always remember to enjoy the process. Happy planning!


Need to keep our checklist handy? Download a PDF here!


By Ann Lee.


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