Visits to the optometrist are the worst – admittedly, there’s nothing I dread more, because it generally means having to lay off contact lenses for a couple weeks. The last time around, I took the effort to finally feel confident in my frames, and that meant mastering beauty looks that complemented four eyes. Here’s what I learned pdf pro 4.5.

First, pick a pair of frames that’s right for you!


Next, depending on whether your frames are thick or thinly rimmed, here are two beauty looks to try. Courtesy of Bobbi Brown. 😉

Zoé’d just gotten a funky pair of thin metal frames, so her look was equally experimental House of Dead. When working with strong frames that have a bigger lens area, you can get away with stronger make-up, so go bold. Here, Zoé took on a strong brow, and an icy blue smokey eye.


Step One: While the main focus here is on the eyes, it’s important to first and foremost, cover all the bases 국민체조 음악 다운로드. After prepping, concealing and dusting the skin, work on the brow. Zoé’s natural arch is thin and high; for a bit of a change (and point on trend), Sandra filled in the lower part of Zoé’s arch using Eye Pencil in Brunette (RM78), going out into a straight line.

Steps Two & Three: After a coating of Eye Shadow in White (RM88) to help the vibrancy really pop, Sandra coloured Zoé’s entire lid with Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Iced Blue (RM98) Connorstone.

Step Four: Using Smokey Eye Kajal Liner in Noir (RM90), Sandra started on a winged tip. We know it can be hard handling eyeliners when you’re short-sighted, but a table-top magnifying mirror works wonders! Start by dotting on where you ‘d like the flick to end, then connect it closely to your upper lash line. Work outwards in. Extending it to where your brows end will help your eyes seem bigger, and more awake Download Rosetta Stone.

Step Five: Next, Sandra went over the line with Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Lapis (RM88), to create a soft gradient.

Step Six: She then coated Zoé’s lashes with the Smokey Eye Mascara (RM105).


A quick slick of Rich Lip Color in Taffeta (RM88) and sculpting with Bronzing Powder in Sunny Beige (RM145), and Zoé was done Download the Tegrak kernel. The difference was pretty substantial here – because Zoé’s thin frames are close to her skin tone, it’s easy to look washed out in them. With a quick draw and blend, her eyes instantly looked bigger and brighter.

Thicker frames can overwhelm its wearer, making it easy to look washed out and tired. And when your power is as high as Claudia’s, the lenses will highlight undereye discolouration and darkness, so concealer is essential Easy Trance. A quick swipe of eyeliner will always work wonders, because it really adds definition from behind your lenses.


Step One: After prepping Claudia’s skin with Bobbi Brown’s Extra Treatment Lotion (RM210) and Hydrating Eye Cream (RM170), Sandra used Bobbi Brown’s Corrector in Peach (RM98) and Creamy Concealer in Natural Tan (RM98) to eliminate traces of dullness and fatique.

Step Two: When dealing with thicker frames like Claudia’s, all you really need to do is fill in any sparsities for soft brows that’ll naturally complement your glasses – otherwise your look might end up a little heavy 굿 플레이스 다운로드. Sandra brushed on Bobbi’s Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up in Mahogany (RM78).

Step Three: To enhance the eye under the frames, Sandra chose a shimmery nude shade, Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Suede (RM98), and applied it in an upward sweeping motion.

Step Four: When it comes to eyelining, make sure not to elongate the eye if you have a wide pair of frames like Claudia – instead follow your natural eye shape, to accentuate its roundness Download the Map of Okinawa. Sandra used Bobbi’s Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in Pitch Black (RM90), and smudged out the edges of the line with the Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Black Plum (RM88) for a softer, sexier finish. Make sure to fill in the waterline, since that is the first place that attracts attention when your eyes are open.

Steps Five & Six: Finish the look with a soft shimmer highlight all along the brow bone, and a good coat of Bobbi’s Smokey Eye Mascara (RM105), not forgetting to curl those lashes before application, girls Pion 4!


Add on a little colour to the lips, Sheer Lip Color in Nude Beige (RM88), and you’ll see what a huge difference lining and swiping on mascara to the eye did for Claudia and her thick and long frames. While her look stayed very natural and light, her eyes instantly brightened her visage and no longer played second fiddle to her glasses, but were able to pull our attention on its own. 

For more looks, pick up a book! ‘Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes’ is now available at all Bobbi Brown counters nationwide, retailing at RM90 each. For more information, visit its Facebook page. For tips first-hand, all Bobbi Brown stores offer quick lessons for free of charge.

Image and text credit: Claudia Low + Zoé Ng