One of my beauty goals has always been to achieve the fairest skin possible – I’m talking Korean-grade fair skin. The real deal. On beach trips, I’m the one feverishly rubbing SPF50 sunblock into my skin while my friends settle for tanning oil. Which is why when asked to test out TonyMoly‘s Naturalth Goat Milk Whitening range for total brightening solution, I nearly shouted “YES!” into my colleague’s face 신상 털기 프로그램.


From left: Premium Cream, RM199; Whitening Essence, RM169.90; Whitening Toner, RM150ml; Whitening Emulsion, RM169.90; Pure CC; Aqua Whitening Cream, RM175.90

I kept a journal for seven days to chronicle my quest towards ultimate pastiness:

Day one
Began regimen at night – too excited to start the next day because… whitening cream Dorothy. Noticed that I had applied too thick of a layer on my skin and I’ve always had an issue with that “sticky” feeling from moisturisers 한글 2007 무료.

Day two
Bersih today. I applied all products as usual this morning even though my sister had cautioned against it since it may be quite warm and my face will be left feeling really sticky Download Isaac Afterbus+. At least I wore a huge hat to mask myself from the sun!

I was afraid that waiting around on the streets would result in grime on my face but thankfully, nope 선인장 키우는 법. I was good. I had applied the products again at night before bed. Used slightly less this time compared to before just to reduce that greasy feeling 디스워오브마인.

Day three
Applied regimen as usual (day and night). Honestly, I didn’t really notice much of a change in skin tone 달콤커피.

Day four
Woke up slightly later today but I applied regimen all the same in the morning. While applying products, I stood in front of the A/C just to dry it out quicker before applying the next layer Download SimCity 4. This seemed to work. Although, I must admit I felt a bit greasy after a nap.

Day five
Applied products as usual and went to work, but the sticky feeling was still there – so during the drive over, I switched the A/C on full blast and aimed it directly at my face just to dry out the products a little.Thickness of products seem a bit much for the humid weather 갤럭시 키스 다운로드.

Moved on to applying products at night, before bed, as usual.

Day six
I started to become a bit concerned as I had discovered that my skin was starting to break a little 볼랜드 델파이 다운로드. So, I posted a question on personal opinions of Tony Moly to Reddit (r/AsianBeauty)  to get some more opinions on the routine I’ve been following and found out that I should remove a couple of the steps to suit my skin type and Malaysian weather and change up the routine of application. This was really helpful.

Day seven
After having heard that the full routine may be best performed in dry and cooler climates because of how many steps there are (hint: a lot), I stuck to my new routine. Overmoisturising was a problem and my skin broke out as a result. No allergic reactions to the ingredients, thankfully. But, I feel as though 7 days isn’t enough to see a real change in my skin tone with these products.

For daytime routine, the toner and aqua cream did just fine. The aqua whitening cream produces a noticeably lighter change in your skin tone (which is handy because you want to impress when you’re out and about) and the toner is light enough to go with the cream. Add-ons (essence, emulsion + premium cream) may not allow your skin to breathe properly here in Malaysia because of the humidity. My skin produces oil easily, so having about 6 layers of product on my face is going to suffocate my pores and (I suspect) result in the blemishes I have on my face.

Before & AfterTonyMolyReview

For the rest of the following week, my new routine worked extremely well! Initially disillusioned because of the blemishes that appeared during the first week, I’m really excited to say that the second week improved a lot and it looks like my skin is brighter than before and I will definitely continue to use this range!

TonyMoly’s Naturalth Goat Milk Whitening range is available at Pavilion KL, Sungei Wang Plaza, Aeon Big Mid Valley Mega Mall, Times Square, Sunway Putra Mall, KL Festival City and Wangsa Walk Mall.