By May Jean

Nail colours are a summer staple to brighten your sunny days in breezy outfits. This season plays with a lot of nudes, pastels and bold shades Download multiple files for Android. And lucky for you we’ve spotted several worth buys of good quality so you can look pretty without having to burn a hole in your pockets!

Neutrals such as beige and nudes are timeless; it compliments any skin colour and versatile enough to be paired up with any day or night outfits Download Pokémon.

As a student, I seek affordable nail colours while gushing over Chanel palettes. So, when a friend recommended looking for similar colours over at Elianto and Skin Food, I was caught by surprise cash out payment! The array of colours they have to offer is unbelievable; you can find almost any colour you want.

Elianto in Bisque is one of the shades that I really like 소닉레이더. Although Elianto charges only RM5 per bottle, its quality is not to be doubted. The brush glides easily and strokes are smooth and even.

Skin Food Nail Vita 45 is a sheer nude colour with a lovely gleam 성경 사전. If you want it to look darker, apply two to three layers, which is what I usually do. It makes the colour richer and more alluring. Priced at RM8.80 per bottle, it is still vastly reasonable for those who do not want to spend a fortune on nail colours Download windows card games. Plus, Skin Food nail products are comparatively effortless to paint on.

L-R: Elianto in Orange Red, Turquoise, Nude, Blue, Aqua

Also highly recommended and my personal favourite is Skin Food Jojoba Pure Nail PK004, the colour is a combination of modest pink, orange and peach-like, such a sweet colour Eclipse c++!

As for the daring, bright orange is ideal for party lovers and those who want to appear extra bold once in a while. Colours really do light up your lives 3d max 9 다운로드! Elianto in Orange Red does the precise same thing, at a much economical cost.

Surprisingly, Turquoise gives off an exciting tinge against anything and looks pretty on a varied range of skin tones Download google ebooks. This Elianto in Turquoise is safe enough for those of you who wants to try something new!

Still in the same shade range, try Elianto in Aqua for a breezy feel and Elianto in Dark Sea Green for a similar shade to Balmain’s SS2010 runway colour Speechless sheet music. Just something a little more glamorous!

L-R: Skin Food Jojoba Pure Nail, Nail Vita

Be sure to apply base coats/nail strengtheners before you varnish to protect your nails and a top coat for a polish finish!

Image credits: Skin Food

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