I stumbled upon Raleene Cabrera completely by accident, when surfing the “Hot” looks on Lookbook. I’m glad I did though because after a few browses through her profile, I was hooked! This interior design student from Manila is not only blessed with picture perfect looks, but also with an amazing sense of style. 

It was difficult choosing just a few looks of Raleene’s to feature because each of her looks were uniquely different. Not to forget, she looks completely drop dead gorgeous in each and every photo! 🙂

The first look of Raleene’s ties in with my TiC Surf post this week (Aboard The Marrakech Express) – check out Raleene’s interpretation of the Moroccan chic look hot on the runways now!

1. Flirt kimono dress by Heaven For Angels (RM39)
2. Flower Craze dress by Fab-Bu-Lous (RM35) 
3. Zipped bag by Style Influx (RM65) 
4. Bedazzled comb pendant by Oozora Tang (RM36) 
5. Last Kiss kimono dress by Bimbs Wardrobe (RM39) 
6. Glamour maxi dress by Double Woot (RM58) 
7. Flower tube dress by LuvMyDresses (RM53) 
8. My Achy Breaky Heart dress by Stylisters (RM45) 
9. Blooming Peonies headband by Baby Bedazzled (RM23) 
10. Browny Heart handbag by Still Sisters (RM60) 
11. Black bag by Itsy Bitsey (RM45.90) 
12. Fringed bag by Itsy Bitsey (RM42.90)  

This other look of Raleene’s struck me as not something we see everyday. I love how she uses a hat box as a handbag, it adds a touch of old school glamour to the outfit, and the boots seem to complement the hat perfectly as well!

1. Hat by Michdulce (POA) 
2. Hat by Michdulce (POA)
3. Flinstones dress by OCD (RM25) 
4. Cloves tube top by Full Of It (RM29) 
5. Vanna floral top by Nellyjoy (SGD$24) 
6. Miss Xandria tube dress with clincher by The Kooky Thing (RM59) 
7. Twiggy mod retro dress by Wardrobe Project (RM143) 
8. Skulls scarf by Candeelicious (RM23) 
9. Beach Splash tube dress by Tinkerbelle (RM45) 
10. Floral tube dress by Tinkerbelle (RM85) 
11. Raven ankle boots by The Kooky Thing (RM65)