We have waited long enough and our patience have proven worthwhile as Christopher Kane x Topshop has finally made it to our shores! Yes, the collection is now available in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur and guess who had already made their wish list?

Kane with mentor, Donatella Versace at the relaunch of Versus, a label started by Gianni (Donatella’s brother) in the late eighties. 

Kane, a 27-year-old designer whose talent was recognized by Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace themselves while he was still in college at Central Saint Martins!

Leighton Meester in Christopher Kane

Rihanna in Christopher Kane

Diane Kruger, Emma Watson and Yasmin Le Bon all looking fab in Christopher Kane

His dresses were spotted on a supermodel, two editors and a buyer – all in ONE night during fashion week!

Natalia Vodianova in Christopher Kane

Kane first joined forces with Topshop in 2007 and the collaboration has blasted off like a rocket during London Fashion Week.

During the launch of his third collection for Topshop, hundreds of shoppers queued outside Topshop’s flagship store in hopes to catch the few firsts pieces from his ever famous collection featuring rivets, eyelets as well as a gorilla and crocodile printed t-shirts and dresses.

We here at Tongue in Chic are more than proud to announced that Christopher Kane’s third collection for Topshop will be available in Topshop, Pavillion on the 15th of October onwards. Finally!

Honestly, it was really hard for each of us here at TiC to choose a favourite look from the lookbook but nevertheless, we had to!

One of my many favourites!

As a jacket freak, Sueann, our Editor loves the cropped jacket!

Another of my favourite.

Crocodile dress for our Editorial Director, Wai Kit. Warning, this dress may bring out the animal in anyone!

Editorial Assistant, Karen’s choice (and mine too!). Feminine with a  hint of rock vibe. We like!

Joyce, who is now our Editor-at-large, has been ogling over the metal eyelet leggings for a while now! Hmm, wonder if someone’s birthday is around the corner?

Head on to our gallery for more pictures on Christopher Kane for Topshop collection and tell us which is your fav! 

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