Fairly new to the online boutique scene, Paperdoll has been popping up on browsers since last September. Within a month, it was offered a lot in Tropicana City Mall and opened a physical boutique by late December 2008. Talk about fast!

If you’re familiar with the online boutique version, you’ll come to find that Paperdoll boutique is literally the pop-up version of its website. It looks like a walk-in closet with cupboards and shelves in paper white wood.

Majority of items sold are dresses, with the rest of the selection being bags, accessories, tops and corsets. Everything is either washed in pastel colours or decked with floral prints.

Paperdoll is cosy and incredibly personalised. Owner Joanna Saw has a shelf especially for her personal items and even keeps a pet hamster in the store! While adorable, that hamster is incredibly ferocious, so don’t take Paperdoll for a petting zoo!

Joanna pays great attention to her customers, treating everyone like an old friend. When I tried something on, she actually told me not to get it because it made my broad shoulders look unflattering. Now you know somewhere where you can go shopping alone and get an honest opinion at the same time!

Lot L1-43 First Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3 Jalan SS20/27
47 400 Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours – 10am – 10pm daily
Price range: RM60 – RM300