Anybody headed to Good Vibes this year? Sweet, we’ll see you there. Last night, we started laying out and packing our bags for Saturday (because we totes have to make sure they’ll go with our outfits), and realised just how many amazing, ingenious launches we’ve been hit with this past year (alongside some classics we simply can’t deny). Here are 9 essentials to invest in. Trust us, they’ll be game changers for any festival experience in the years to come.


1 이미지 클릭. Badger SPF 34 Anti-Bug Sunscreen, available at Ben’s Independent Grocer @ Publika
If it’s from Badger, you know it’s effective, was made responsibly, and is safe for use on the entire family. This combines Badger’s natural zinc oxide sunscreen formula with its deet-free Anti-Bug Balm essential oils, and is proven to be water and sweat resistant for at least 40 minutes Download the label. All win, here.

2. Transitions® Signature™ lenses, available at all authorised eye care practitioners
If only we’d known about these babies before LASIK! Available in a range of materials and designs, Transitions® Signature™ lenses respond quickly to the smallest change in light conditions outdoors (protecting its wearer from UV rays), while maintaining clarity indoors – with consistent performance across all temperatures 회사소개서 ppt. In layman’s terms, you’ll no longer need to swap your powered sunnies out for glasses at sundown, or upon going indoors. See ya, inconvenience – the future is here!

3. Shu Uemura Lightbulb UV Compact
Formulated with lightbulb™ pearl and oleo-technology, together with a double-sided polishing sponge, Shu Uemura’s latest compact foundation delivers high coverage without compromising natural glow juniper network 다운로드. The first time Claudia tried it, Zoé exclaimed, “It’s like you’ve got nothing on, and are having a really good skin day.” Sold.

4. Benefit Benetint
This requires quick hands, but once you’ve mastered applying Benefit’s Benetint, you’ll be hooked for life download jre 1.6. An instant and truly weightless flush to the cheeks, and rouge for the lips.

5. Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist
We don’t leave home without this! Containing French sparkling water infused with highly concentrated carbonation capsules, this mist stimulates blood circulation and promotes the turnover of dead skin cells, as it delivers a quick refresher Download Lilabada. It also sets make-up when used after a quick touch-up.

6. Rave Poncho, available at Topman
Disposable ponchos are the way to go – once the rain’s come and gone, re-usable raincoats and umbrellas only equate to inconvenience. The Rave Ponchos at Topman are cute, quirky, and great make-shift mats to lay down on.

7. S.O.S. Shoe Rescue Kit, available at TheSolemates
Flip through our Style Snaps – at every single festival we’ve gone to, there’s always some crazy cat who can’t bear to part with their heels 사자에상. Solemates’ High Heeler® increases the surface area on the base of heels, reducing the pressure, and preventing them from sinking into grass or falling into cracks. Ingenious!

8. Uber, available on the App Store, Google Play & Windows Store
Convenient, reliable, cashless and stylish – ditch the cabs, and try on this on-demand car service direct from your mobile phone 첫사랑. You won’t regret it, and you’re welcome. If you’re using it for the first time, key in our promo code: tbxqa – you’ll get RM30 off.

9. Kleenex Sensitive Aloe Vera Hand And Face Moist Wipes, available at all major supermarkets and pharmacies
We’ve tried a lot of wet wipes in our time, and nothing comes close to these gitlab 소스 다운로드. To ensure mildness, these wipes are pH balanced, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, and enriched with soothing aloe vera extract and vitamin E for extra nourishment. We’ve tried them after pizza night, and trust us, they’ll cleanse, de-grease and soften your hands like nothing else. Forget hand sanitisers – wipes will also prove useful in the portaloo Download the Word 2010 Korean version.

Image credit: Laneige, ShuUemuraTopshop, TopmanTheSoleMates, CoolSpottersTheStar, TheNextWebMerionArtBlog