Subtle blues and and indigo highlights can look great on the eyelids when worn just the right way …  but have you ever tried a full blue look 윈도우 미디어 센터? The result can be pretty dramatic and you know how much we love that (the good kind of course). Here’s how to rock the blue eye across different skin tones to give your nighttime looks a little more oomph 공포의 물고기 영화 다운로드!

What we used to achieve the looks:


1 Windows 7 professional k iso. Sephora Velvet Eye Shadow in Subtle Grey 05 | 2. Shu Uemura Blue morning Eye Shadow Palette | 3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Black Market

Darker skin tones take lighter blues a little better than fairer skin tones since there is more contrast Special Citizen. I gave Kat a glittery smokey eye that complements her skin tone! Here’s how to get it done.


Step one: After priming the eye, take a glittery silver and pat into the corner of eye, just under the crease, making sure to stop around the middle of eyelid Download multiple files for Android.

Step two: Use a medium grey-blue shade and slowly blend into the silver to create a shimmery gradient.

Step three: Use a white to fill in the inner corner of eye, making sure to soften the edges and continue to blend in the colours to keep the gradient going after you’re done Download Pokémon.


Step four: Use a midnight blue to blend into the crease of eyelid in a crescent shape that touches the edge of eyelid for a smokey depth cash out payment.

Step five: Use a dark blue or a smokey grey coal liner to finish the look by drawing a thin line as close to lash line as possible to make eyes really pop 소닉레이더!


I decided to do something similar for Stephanie, the newest addition to our team, to show you how to change up the blue look for to make it work on a lighter skin tone 성경 사전.

Light colours always create the illusion of puffiness, so when dealing with lighter skin tones, it’s good to stay away from the light colours, or if you must, then balance it out with darker colours Download windows card games.


Step one: Prime eyes to help eye shadow last longer, as well as to help bring out its pigment.

Step two: Apply the lightest colour (a soft baby blue) to the inside corner of the eyelid.

Step three: Then, pat on a medium grey-blue on the centre of eye, blending the light and medium blues to make a slight gradient of colour.


Step four: Add in a dark blue to complete the gradient, not forgetting to blend out the edges around the eyeshadow to soften any harsh lines.

Step five: Finally, use dark blue eye shadow to draw a line starting from the middle of lower eye, following the lash line as closely as possible. Make sure it joins up to the dark blue on the top of eyelid. This will create a sort of smokey cat eye that’ll intensify the overall look. Line inner-eyelids and you’re good to go!


Et Voila! A blue smokey eye look that’ll suit any skin tone and make your eyes pop in five easy steps. You’ll be the belle of the ball in no time.

Image credit: Kathryn Rao + Stephanie Boey + Zoé Ng