We sat down for a chat with one of our favourite upcoming designers based in Malaysia, Marie Sydonie of Sydonie Apparel, to find out more on her label and how she fought her way into the fashion industry.


When were you first introduced to fashion? 
I had an interest in fashion from a very early age. I remember I was 3 years old (before I moved to France) when my Grandma would make nice dresses for me in Cameroon, Africa. I was like a movie star! She would make all kinds of special dresses with the fabric she bought from the money my parents would send from France (they were working there at the time) ubuntu 16.04 32bit 다운로드. I would walk around in the afternoon with my milk bottle and fancy, embellished dress and as I grew up I discovered ‘wow, you can do so much with fabric.’ All the girls in the whole village were so jealous, I loved it.

When did you start working in the fashion industry?
I started off as a model. I modelled for a total of 10 years – Haha! I know it’s cliché to say that ‘I was young and needed the money.’ Honestly, I didn’t really need the money. I was 14 when I first started modelling but my parents were scared for me to pursue it at such a young age armageddon games. They felt that the modelling industry is somehow dangerous for a young girl.


Later on, I was approached by an agency and I walked a lot of runways in France and Germany including Versace and Adidas. I’ve appeared in a few movies like ‘Desert Flower‘ where I was a double for Liya Kebede, did a few photo shoots and it was great! But it was not my goal. I wanted something more challenging. Modelling requires a lot of discipline and I have a lot of respect for models out there. But for me, modelling was a path Download the song. It gave me direction to find what I really wanted to do with my life.

What’s the inspiration behind your design?
My designs are mostly inspired by the French style. More importantly, I design for every woman. A woman who is elegant, confident, charismatic – her silhouette doesn’t matter so long as she carries these characteristics. To enhance a woman’s beauty and confidence is the inspiration and push behind my collections.

Who would you say is your muse?
I’m a classy lady, I like classy trends on women download uds. My muse is definitely Audrey Hepburn and/or Jackie Kennedy. I just love their style! If a woman can dress a certain way, it reflects on their character and personality. So when I look at pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy I think ‘I want to know this woman.’


Describe the space in which you work best.
I work best at home. Putting all the accounting and tax documents aside, I work best very late at night and at home. I suppose it’s because that’s where I am most comfortable and that’s when my creativity flows best sky캐슬 3회 다운로드. Sometimes I lay in bed and I have an idea and I just have to wake up, grab a pen and paper and start to draw. That can disturb one’s relationship but that’s how I do it – Haha!

Take us through your Spring/Summer 2015 collection.
I’ve seen a lot of dark colours in this industry and mostly a combination of black and white. If I was in Europe, yes, I believe I would have created a collection in these dark or monochromatic colours but living in Malaysia, looking out of my window and seeing the forestation and the various colours of mother nature I thought to myself ‘I have to use colours’ 오토 캐드 2008 무료.


This is my luxury ready-to-wear collection so I thought it would be a bit risky at first, but I wanted something different. I wanted to create a signature style – something I would wear myself. I thought to combine sexy with conservative and that’s what this collection is about. You don’t have to be completely exposed to be sexy. Mysterious is always the sexier option.

What is your favourite thing about being a designer attachments from Chrome?
My favourite thing is the fact that I can be in my own world. A peaceful world. As if I’m in my own bubble when I design.

What is your least favourite thing about being a designer?
I hate all the clichés of this industry – the superficial attitudes that you can find.

What music do you listen to when you’re designing?
Oh, before I design I listen to music. Then I turn it off to concentrate. I switch up my playlist every time! If I’m looking to design something bold and colourful, I will go all Rihanna, move on to my girl Alicia Keys and gradually transition to calmer tunes from French singer, Zazie and the French president’s ex wife, Carla Bruni, who has made beautiful albums, and Nneka whom I have met personally Glass. Then when I’m done and ready, I close with Aretha Franklin –‘What you want? Baby I got it!’. Haha!


Tell us about your next collection.
My upcoming collection is even more elegant and for every and any woman. This was a challenge for me – to produce something even more elegant than the last collection, but something every woman could wear whether she is a housewife or a business woman ffdshow. I’m creating this collection for any woman to wear effortlessly and elegantly whenever and wherever she pleased.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement so far is strangely nothing on paper or on the news. My achievements are everything I have accomplished step by step in my life (especially in the fashion industry) without giving up, through all the struggle. It’s not something that I can physically frame up on the wall. It’s the very personal things I have overcome to get this far which I consider to be my greatest achievements and hopefully there more to come 주 타이쿤.


What does 2015 hold for your label?
We can’t predict the future. But I hope, and I wish, after seeing how Sydonie started, everywhere it has had the privilege to be featured and now that I see it’s full potential, I just hope that Malaysia loves the brand as much as I do and all my friends and family continue to support me in the long run.

Name one item you can’t leave the house without.
Oh, my handbag! Definitely. Recently I’ve been experiencing this newfound love for Michael Kors handbags and clutches. I can’t leave the house without at least one of them.

Sydonie Apparel is available online as well as in-store Mori Pin and Sqaure Room in Bangsar Shopping Centre.


Image credit: KL Fashion Weekend, MTV, www.amsterdamnews.com, www.erikshuvudsaker.se, hdw.eweb4.com, Reza Akram, Kathryn Rao.