The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones‘ – check Download phonesky.apk. The first Asian model for Louis Vuitton – check. SK-II Men Brand ambassador – check Download Magic Lantern. Godfrey Gao is fast becoming a household name, and we snagged five minutes with him when he was down in KL recently for SK-II’s first ever Change Destiny Museum event Pmbok 5th.


How does it feel being the first Asian model to appear in a Louis Vuitton campaign 마리오카트8 디럭스 다운로드?
It feels great. I still hold the name of the first male Asian model for them and it’s an honour and a miracle for me. I did not know what to expect, but it was really awesome to become one of their faces and I’ve been working closely with Louis Vuitton ever since Windows 7 ServicePack 1.

What’s your favourite skincare product?
The Facial Treatment Essence 유료 음악. That’s probably the only one that has brought my skin to a real balanced condition. The UV Protection is great as well for when you’re having a day outside, maybe for a shoot 미국 저작권.

Besides skincare, how do you take care of your inner health?
After every production, I like to go on a vacation. A tropical island or a beach to relax and ease off my mind.  That is like a recharge and rejuvenate time for me 학생부. It allows me to be 100% before I take on my next job.

What’s your word of advice for men out there who would like to start a skincare regimen minecraft pe 다운로드?
I would say, don’t be afraid. Men do think that skincare products are a big no-no. They think that they play sports and eat well, but they are going to start noticing when they turn a certain age so time will definitely come up and haunt them in the future 500px 사진 다운로드. I would suggest starting early. Have your regular skin regimens and stick to it and be positive. It wouldn’t hurt to try.

With your busy schedule, do you have any tips to maintain your skin?
I would say if you’re travelling a lot and you have really off schedules as well as jetlag, you can’t really do much besides your intake of food and beverages. I would suggest just by drinking a lot of H20, eating a lot of fruit and having a good diet, so you will feel good. Not a lot of red meat, a lot of chicken and fish. It starts from a diet and it will definitely pay off when you’re feeling down and tired.


Image credit: SK-II