After our entertaining flyoga workout session, we sat down for a chat with Reiko Soo, founder of Dreams Dance Studio, to share her two cents on all things flyoga 천번을 불러도.

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When did you start flyoga 말하는 기린 지나 다운로드?
I started this about four years ago. I’ve been working full time with an interior design company for 12 years but I get special working hours which is why I have time to work in my studio 아이스테이션 펌웨어.

Why did you start flyoga?
I started it because people tend to lose interest in normal yoga. Some people tend to give up if they can’t do a handstand or headstand by themselves and start to feel like yoga is not for them 와스프. I’ve seen this firsthand because I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years before I got into flyoga – I’ve seen it all.
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Is flyoga difficult? 
I have yoga instructors who come to try the class Between bass. I know they’re yoga instructors because their alignment is very good. Properly trained yoga instructors who join the class admit that they find it a bit difficult in the beginning because they’re so used to the floor poses Download Hong Gil Coin. But it’s a fun learning process and if you’re determined to try it, you’ll get the hang of it within the first few classes.

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What are the classes like 굿노트 속지 다운로드?
I came up with a syllabus designed to lift normal yoga poses up onto a hammock. Each class is different and designed differently. I change it up every time to sustain the class’ interest and make it more challenging as they go. In one class we usually have about 14 people (if it’s a big class) Download Hansung Laptop Driver. We also have couple classes.
Do you have any tips for people who want to keep fit and try flyoga for the first time?
Yes, I do:
#1 Know your body, know your limits
#2 Step out Pre-free. Don’t be afraid to try new things
#3 Alignment is important
#4 Trust the hammock
#5 Wake your core up
#6 You don’t need to diet – eat, but eat healthyFly Yoga With Kat.Still011

What are the advantages of flyoga over normal yoga Download Wikipedia?
Doing certain poses on the hammock is easier than on the ground because when you’re in an inverted position, you’re defying gravity and it can help with flexibility. Flyoga is similar to normal yoga but in the air and minus the ‘zen’. Flyoga classes are more comfortable in the sense that you can ask questions, interact with one another and have fun. The thing about flyoga is that you have the aid of the hammock. The reason for the aid is to guide us to the perfect alignment not to rely on the hammock entirely.
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For more information on flyoga, hoop and pole dancing classes visit the Dreams Dance Studio website.
Image credit: Yuthika Peiris