We all made the leap from long waves to bobs, and now that the bob is growing out, we’re wondering what’s next. We want something that gives us instant zhoosh, yet doesn’t require excessive styling (remember those curling iron days?) or products. While The Rachel, may no longer be the shag of the day, here are 5 inspired new haircuts that may get you all shook.

#1 The Swinton



Photo: glaminer.com


There aren’t a lot of women who have the kind of swagger that Tilda Swinton does. Instantly cool in any role she embodies in any film, people are always bound to sit up and take notice whenever she walks into a room. In her last movie, A Bigger Splash, Tilda’s style quotient is as astronomic as ever Download the label like the first time.



Photo: indiewire


Why we’re shook: A short cut that’s heavier on the top, shorter on the sides, it is casual and effortless on the go, yet can be styled to bring out a glamorous feminine nighttime look. Perfect for when your buzzed undercut is growing out. More forgiving than the pixie cut. NB: Also make a mental note of the gold eyeshadow and double-edged eyeliner.



Photo: Memphis Flyer


Great for: Oval faces and petite features. Has enough height on the top for rounder faces too. Bonus if you have natural curls. A good way to ease into shorter styles if you’ve done the bob and want to go even shorter White-handed.

See the hair in action here. Makes Dakota Johnson’s hair look kinda meh, if you ask us.



(PS. One of the better films we saw this year.)


#2 The Kristen


Screencapture from Personal Shopper (2017)

Screencapture from Personal Shopper (2017)


Kristen Stewart’s character in her new film, Personal Shopper, seemingly has the coolest job in the world, and sports a nonchalant messy bob that’s high on French girl chic.



Photo: justjared.com


Why we’re shook:  Three words – Wash and Go! A new take on the bob, which is the most flattering haircut on most women, this look has tons of volume, and a sexed-up, beachy vibe about it. Can be styled straight up without a parting, tucked behind the ears, or take a really low part and sweep it over 크롬 pdf 바로. Cleans up nice in a messy low pony for a more evening look. May require a little bit of texturising wax if you want more of that mussed-up bedhead look. Ask your hairdresser to make sure the sides are longer than the back to get the right silhouette and just a tiny, tiny smidge of layering, keeping the ends blunt.



Photo: variety.com


Great for: All face shapes and hair textures. People on the go with active lifestyles. The length (just under the chin) is long enough for softness yet not so long it’ll get in the way of work or play Autocad 2018 free. If it gets in your eyes, simply sweep it off your face, and it styles well into a low pony.



(PS. Finally, a commendable KStew performance… )



#3 The Jessa


Screencapture from Girls Season 6

It’s the final season for Girls and we’re sorry to see it go. Jemima Kirke’s character, Jessa, has been equal parts across-the-pond cool and infuriating over the years. This season she sheds her boho-chic butt-skimming waves for a grown up lob.


The Jessa in a high pony with large gold hoop earrings <a class=

Download the dumpling cad. Screencapture from Girls Season 6." width="651" height="503" srcset="https://www.tonguechic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Screen-Shot-2017-04-15-at-2.29.27-pm.png 651w, https://www.tonguechic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Screen-Shot-2017-04-15-at-2.29.27-pm-20x15.png 20w" sizes="(max-width: 651px) 100vw, 651px" /> The Jessa in a high pony with large gold hoop earrings. Screencapture from Girls Season 6.


Why we’re shook: The slightly over-the-shoulder length is extremely refreshing. Kim Kardashian made the chop last year, and she did it again in March, and the interwebs were abuzz. But back to The Jessa, we love that it’s low maintenance and natural looking but yet still has a sophisticated edge. It’s also a versatile enough length to be styled into ponies or up-dos Austin Power.



The Jessa in a messy French twist. Image: Vulture


Great for: Most face shapes and textures. If your hair is naturally very curly, you may want to speak to your hairdresser about relaxing the curls, or leave it as it is. Natural curls are also making a huge comeback!

Here, The Jessa is a little shorter than in Girls Season Six, but we just love this video.




#4 The Rosie



Photo: InStyle

Announcement. This has got to be the most definitive haircut for 2017. Just you wait and see. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s carefree, savvy layered lob is to die for, already with copycats like Nina Dobrev jdk 1.8 zip 다운로드.



Photo: hairstylesmill


Why we’re shook: It has a nineties vibe with a 20-teens twist. Casual, unassuming yet has a sense of sophistication. The beauty of this haircut is, it works for day or night seamlessly. Ask your hairdresser to layer the back for lots of texture. You can get a blow out for a more red-carpet-Sloane variation.


Actress arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere "Mad Max: Fury Road" at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on May 7, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Show this to your hairdresser. Photo: Hairstylesmill

Great for: Most face shapes. The layers will frame faces, creating softness, and showing off your neck tts 음성 다운로드. Cuts a fine image whether you’re in the boardroom, at a gala event, the art gallery or selfie-ing at Yogalates.



#5 The Munn



Photo: refinery29


She’s one of the most beautiful creatures in the world and for a long time was a great bob advocate. Then she went super-long and we marvelled at how she could get into physical battle with all that hair flying about as Psylocke in X Men: Apocalypse. Now she’s back with a middle-parted razor edged lob, and we couldn’t be more proud.



Alternative styling for The Munn Photo: Vanity Fair


Why we’re shook: This haircut has edge. Take it anywhere and turn heads. The middle part and sharp layers are refreshing and majorly sexy. There’s not a lot of maintenance either, and works from day to night Peer the Walking Dead Season 4. While The Rosie above has similar layers, the difference here would be the thick, razored edges. Most of the layers are also around the sides. Be sure to mention this to your hairdresser. Get some texturizer in there so you can see the layers.


Great for: Most face shapes, and flatteringly so. Works well on thicker hair.



Bonus: The Big Bang

Of late, thanks to Ms. Steele, we gals have been contemplating the big bang move – that all out blunt cut bang look – which of course works better if you have a high forehead, large eyes and an oval face. However there are other variations. Try Penelope Cruz’s Split Bangs or January Jones’ Birkin Bangs.



Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele in 50 Shades Darker 산돌고딕네오. Photo: Popsugar


Penelope Cruz at the 70th Bafta Awards. Photo: InStyle

Penelope Cruz at the 70th Bafta Awards. Photo: InStyle


January Jones' Birkin bangs. Photo: via januaryjones on Instagram

January Jones’ Birkin bangs. Photo: via januaryjones on Instagram



Other Notable Mentions:


The JLaw


Photo: pinterest


The Emma


emma stone 2017 elle

Photo: elle.com


The Kendall



Photo: Pinterest


The Cara (pre-pixie)



Photo: Popsugar


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