No need to spend hours scouring the web for the best fashion DIY blogs! Below are my favourites, which you’ll probably want to bookmark and return to again and again. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get crafty, and what better time to with the long weekend coming up!


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A Pair & A Spare‘s Geneva Vanderzeil is a style muse and DIY guru rolled into one 하원기가의 일족. Her projects, which have been featured all over the place, include an Alexander Wang-inspired bralette, a Celine-inspired trio bag, a scuba/neoprene mini skirt and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

She’s even turned a plain denim shift dress into a pleated mini dress as well as a fitted dress into a chic cropped top and skirt set adobe photoshop deluxe edition. Plus, she does amazing home accents too, including ladder wardrobes, rope-wrapped mason jar lights and vintage style frames. This lovely blogger has also collaborated on a capsule collection of heels with Tony Bianco and writes a weekly column for Harper’s Bazaar Australia. She absolutely knows her matter inside and out!


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Founded by Erica Domesek, P.S 키리키리. I Made This… is the ultimate destination for all things personalised. The “Fashion Queen of DIY”, as dubbed by Elle, features projects on fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty, and even technology and food! Basically, a DIY for every part of your life that you should probably do, because you definitely need that cute, shiny thing.

My favourites include the chevron beaded shirt, the tartan elbow patch, and the jeans cut up, among others Download Schoolmate. Each how-to comes with an inspirational collage and clear step-by-step instruction, proving further that anyone can be crafty – you just need a few tools! With two globally published books under her belt (‘P.S. – I Made This…’ and ‘P.S.- You’re Invited…’) and a special collaboration with Indego Africa, a lifestyle brand that empowers women artisans in Rwanda, she definitely has a promising career ahead of her 다운로드.


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Erin Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny of Honestly WTF make accessories like a boss. Some projects are simple, whereas some of them, like this chainmail amazingness, are a bit more advanced 산돌명조l.

They had me at several how-to’s: the jewelled paracord bracelet, the macrame rhinestone bracelet, the shell embellished ankle cuffs, the utility rope necklace, and the list goes on. You’d never guess they were all handmade as they all look designer! They also have some clothing and home DIY projects that are worth checking out 손세이셔널 6화. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe ladies, the most boring looks can be transformed with the help of Honestly WTF’s fun DIY accessory guides!


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Every time Jenni Radosevich sees something in a magazine that she couldn’t find in her local department store, she would make it herself and post it on I Spy DIY Download Samsung Cloud Gallery. There is literally so much DIY goodness to find on her colourful blog (both meanings). Fashionable clothes and accessories such as colourblock gem coat, dotted denim skirt, graphic print dress and neon gem earrings take center stage, but there’s a lot of lifestyle love as well – like diamond wall art, chalkboard flower pot, tablet cases and cellphone cords.

Her talent surely hasn’t gone unnoticed; she now has a column for InStyle and has her own book called ‘I Spy DIY Style: Find Fashion You Love and Do It Yourself’, which shows you how to transform your basics into designer fashions, hardware store finds into statement necklaces or embellishments for clothes, and more Watch and download the subtitles.


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Shini Park’s focus on practical, DIY fashion which gives everyday women access to high-end runway styles with an economically creative touch got me hooked on her blog, Park and Cube. I particularly loved her Karla Spetic-inspired duo-tone cardigan, her Abaete-inspired tassled heels, and her Doo.Ri-inspired embellished bead tights Dev Express.

A lot of popular bloggers seem to have wardrobes overflowing with designer items, but this talented multi-hyphenate can spend less but look just as good as any of them. It’s no wonder that her eye-catching ideas led to various mentions and features in numerous lifestyle and fashion magazines across the globe, DIY collaborations with Spanish brand Mango, as well as creating her book called ‘Adorn: 25 Stylish DIY Fashion Projects’ with Kit Lee of Style Slicker!

Image credit: A Pair & A Spare, P.S. I Made This…, Honestly WTF, I Spy DIY & Park and Cube