Christmas is just around the corner! The best way to refrain from freaking out and opening all your presents under the tree before tomorrow morning Download The Lightning Market? By painting them. Here are five super cute, super easy ways to jazz up your tips for the Holiday season. Here comes rudolph and frosty and fairy lights; snowflakes and a candy cane for you Download Salary Excel!


Things you will need:
+ Nail polish
+ Nail art brush

#1: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

reindeer nails

Step One:  Paint your nails with brown or even gold nail polish (the colour of the reindeer) as the base colour Download The Law of the Jungle. I recommend doing two layers.
Step Two: Start off adding a huge red dot at the bottom of your nail. Make sure it is centralised 바베트 의 만찬 다운로드.
Step Three: Add two small white dots above that. Wait for it to dry.
Step Four: Add smaller black dots inside the white dot, and you’ll have eyes sap.
Step Five: Draw two lines at the top of the eyes for antlers.
Step Six: Add more lines from the line previously drawn; it doesn’t have to be perfect basic resume form for free.

#2: Frosty The Snowman

snowman nails

Step One:  Paint your nails white, for the base of the snowman Download Windows 10 pro.
Step Two: Add two big dots that look like coal, for the eyes.
Step Three: After that, add an orange dot at the corner of the nail Download Weather Caster.
Step Four: From the orange dot, draw a connecting triangle.
Step Five: Colour it in with orange, so it looks like a carrot nose 모바일 배틀그라운드 무료 다운로드.
Step Six: Add tiny black dots in a shape of a smiley mouth. Let dry, you’re done!

#3: Christmas Tree Lights 

lights nails

Step One:  Paint your nails green Download pc-keepie in Gyeonggi Province School District.
Step Two: Draw on a curvy black line, to look like the light cables. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
Step Three: Add on small lines from the curvy line.
Step Four: Paint small dots on the added small lines to look like lights.

#4: Snowflakes

snowflake nails

Step One:  Paint your nails red, or any other colour you want, so long as the white painted on it later can stand out.
Step Two: Draw a dot in the middle and from that dot five lines (like a star).
Step Three: Add on small lines from each of the lines drawn earlier. You can fun with this and get as intricate as you like.
Step Four: Paint small dots of white to give it a snowing effect.

#5: Candy Cane Stripes

candycane nails

Step One:  Paint your nails white.
Step Two: Draw two slanting thin lines on the top, in red.
Step Three: Draw another thick on below that, followed by two more thin ones.