We often wear makeup to enhance our natural features. However makeup is experiencing one of the biggest revolutions since the days Marie Antoinette wore white face powder and painted beauty marks on her face. These days the joy of playing with makeup is comparable to the happiness we felt when, on rare occasions, we were allowed to play with watercolours out of squishy tubes when we were little 아이엠히어로. Here are some makeup looks to recreate in the privacy of your bathroom.

#1 Upside Down Eyeliner

Seen on Hollywood and all over Instagram, this high-drama eye makeup trend focuses on shadow and liner on the lower lids, whether it’s an under-eye smokey or even an inverted cats’ eye.  Great for occasions where you need to look a little more dressed up, what makes the upside down eye look beguiling is that it is drawn solely on the bottom lid, and worn under the eye for a change computer long-term games. We have seen this on the runways with eyeliners especially, but it extends to shadows and glitter as well.  

How: Of course, the upside down liner look requires technique to avoid looking like something out of a horror movie. Begin prepping eyes and cleaning up brows with liner, primer and concealer. Use a pale beige shadow on top of the lid, where it meets the brow line lh Mofis. Define the top lid with a slightly darker but neutral shade. Then use a neutral or black liner on the lower lid, flicking it out slightly. Add darker eyeshadow and soften the liner by blending gently before using a lighter shadow to even the colour out.  

#2 Dotted Eyeliner

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 Eyeliner is one of the most versatile beauty products because you can make so many different designs or textures with it coredll dll. The dotted eyeliner trend is all about making tiny dots with eyeliner to form a bigger picture. From black eyeliner to a more unexpected white or coloured liners, makeup artists have been creating dotted liner looks on and off the runway.  

How: You could plan your design first on paper and experiment with products or jump right into it, whether you want obvious dots, or finer dots to create a shaded effect Download the martial law document. According to experts, liquid liner is finer and will stick the best, but pencils are undeniably easier to wield and to remove if you make a mistake. You can always add liquid liner over the pencil when you’re done with the base.  

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#3 The Colourful Graphic Eye


The runway has been full of art on faces Download Samsung Restore Solution 8. But a trend we love is the statement graphic eye with coloured eyeshadow and mascaras. Blue is making a big comeback, and so are strong colours like shocking pink and warm brights such as vermillion. Where the graphic eye is concerned there are no rules. Go wild with your designs and imagination. We love the look that musician/makeup blogger Annatasha Saifol created below Call 2.


How: Coloured eyeliner pencils and liquid or pen liners give you the most control and staying power 캐논 카메라. If you’re using coloured shadows, be sure to prime the eye-lids first. Use tape or cards to help you create geometric shapes. Have fun!  

#DARKSTAR006 Version: UltraSuede Brown, achieve FUTURE PERFECT smokey eyes with a 7-PIECE KIT that takes INTERSTELLAR illumination to OTHERWORLDLY dimensions. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #patmcgrathlabs006 arrives April 11, 2017 on PATMcGRATH.com #PMGHowTo #PMGTutorial #Tutorial ______________________________________________________ 一Step 1: Apply scotch tape at an upward angle starting from lower lash line —Step 2: Apply scotch tape just above crease of lid and fill the space with 006 ULTRA SUEDE BROWN —Step 3: Apply 006 DARK MATTER Pigment to outer corner of eye and shape —Step 4: Remove scotch tape and use a cotton bud to sign refine the shape —Step 5: Apply MERCURY Pigment with a small wet brush in a line above crease —Step 6: Connect in a V shape —Step 7: Apply MERCURY Pigment with a small dry brush to achieve sparkle —Step 8: Apply 006 BLACK SMUDGE LINER to top lash line —Step 9: Smoke out liner with 006 Blender Brush —Step 10: Apply mascara & false lashes 一WANT TO INTENSIFY YOUR LOOK?一 一 Apply ASTRAL WHITE Pigment to lids with fingers —Apply MERCURY Pigment with a small wet brush to inner corner of eye A post shared by Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal) on


#4 Feathered Eyebrows


The feathered brow is basically what the name suggests 로직 퍼즐 다운로드. Eyebrows that resemble the fine feather of a bird. A trend invented by Stella Sironen (above), a Finnish Makeup artist, the inspiration came from a friend who suggested the idea of an avian themed eyebrow.

How: The key to creating this look is glue stick. School glue sticks have been used in eyebrow art for a while, as it’s non-toxic, and washes off without pulling out any of your brow hair. To create the feather brows, Stella split her eyebrow in the centre with the use of a brow comb and an ordinary glue stick in order to create the look of the feather. Here it holds the shape better than gel, creating and maintaining the feather appearance. Since Stella debuted the look about a week ago, there have been others featuring the look on their feeds.


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