The U.S made history on Friday when the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is now allowed in all 50 states. Following this ruling, celebrities took to social media to express their support, gladness and gratitude 아이스테이션 펌웨어. So much love and happiness was shared everywhere! #Lovewins

Paris Fashion Week Menswear has just ended, and it seems that the next trend for menswear is no longer skinny jeans and tight-fitting shirts, but pyjamas and robes instead 와스프. This was apparent when models strutted the runway in satin-embroidered sets and loose fits.

Everyone knows Taylor Swift is best friends with some of the most famous, gorgeous and glamorous girls in the entertainment scene, and it seems like her squad is only becoming stronger Between bass. Not only did she bring Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Hunt, Kloss and Kendal Jenner on stage during her 1989 World Tour in London, it appears that the songstress also met up with mudblood Emma Watson while she was there Download Hong Gil Coin. Can we say #squadgoals?

Check out the best beauty looks from the recent BET Awards 2015 굿노트 속지 다운로드. From bold to beautiful to perfectly natural, these looks were simply flawless and stunning. Our favourites: Zendaya Coleman, Serayah McNeill & Janelle Monae Download Hansung Laptop Driver!

Kendall Jenner has broken Kim’s record for most-liked picture on Instagram Pre-free. The winning shot, posted on May 25th, currently has 2,484,857 likes, which means she not only steal her stepsister’s crown, but also set her own record for most likes on Instagram, EVER. Sorry Kim K, your most popular wedding picture has been dethroned Download Wikipedia.

It seems like Matthew Lewis wasn’t the only Hogwarts alumni who got puberty right – another Harry Potter star, Afshan Azad (who played Padma Patil), has also grown to be a very beautiful adult ubuntu 16.04 32bit 다운로드. The internet went crazy when Buzzfeed revealed the actress’ latest looks, and she was flattered but went on to say on her Twitter, “come on guys, I was 16 then!”