We love the ’90s, but no longer live in it – so how do we approach a modern twist on passé accessorising and styling? Here are three ways we’ve curated and styled the widely popular square bandana from the ’90s 심즈 프리플레이 안드로이드!

Bandana A

Zoé makes it look too easy – pulling-off the bandana à la Tupac 팝업캐시! Who knew this trend could look so chic paired with a ’20s-inspired winged eyeliner?


Step One: Fold the square bandana into a triangle division 2 research.

Step Two: Start folding it into a strip, hiding the triangular tips, then press down with an iron.

Step Three: Wrap around head, making sure it overlaps the lower-back section of your head, moving it along over your ears right up to your forehead Download The Eastern Emergency Rules.

Step Four: Tie two knots, tight!

Steph styled the bandana a little differently, covering her whole set of hair to achieve a sexy, mama sita look Download The Lightning Market. This one’s practical in the sun and heat!


Step One: Fold the square bandana into a triangle, leaving excess on one half Download Salary Excel.

Step Two: Tie your hair in a bun.

Step Three: Lower your head and start wrapping hair, while placing the triangular section of the bandana on the centre front of your head Download The Law of the Jungle.

Step Four: Make sure the triangle is in place, slowly lift your head upwards and tie a double knot.

Step Five: Tuck in ends of the knot 바베트 의 만찬 다운로드.

I chose to work the ’50s neck scarf with a ’90s bandana – after all, we’re talking about trends making a comeback here, might as well make the most of it sap! Notice my modern take on placement by wrapping it over my hair instead of under basic resume form for free?


Step One: Fold square bandana into a triangle.

Step Two: Fold it into a strip similar to the 2PAC strip.

Step Three: Start twisting.

Step Four: Wrap around your  hair and neck and tie a double knot.


Bandana STT

1. Yellow Vintage Cotton Bandana, approx. RM46, ladyfingerscloset
2. Purple Vintage Cotton Bandana, approx. RM17, HardHeaded
3. White Vintage Cotton Bandana, approx. RM17, HardHeaded
4. Red Vintage Cotton Bandana, approx. RM23, UptownHandyRanch

Image credit: Etsy.com