1. Make Your Own Christmas Stockings With A Fashion Twist!


    Is it just us? Or do you guys find that Christmas decorations can often be a teensy bit overpriced? This year, we decided to try making our own stockings with a fashionable twist, using old curtain fabrications. Of course, it’s entirely up to you to decide which fabrics you prefer to use for your stockings – edg ...

  2. Get The Look: Supermodel Smokey Eyes


    The smokey eye’s a personal favourite for the TiC team – when half your job consists events upon events, it’s so much harder to maintain a statement lip! The statement eye on the other hand, once mastered, it’s a one-time application that’s buildable if your long day turns into a late night ...

  3. DIY: Charmed & Threaded Bangles


    At Tongue in Chic, while our personal styles and takes on trends may vary, if there had to be one thing we could all agree on, it’d be that upcycling should always be the first way to go during an of ...

  4. 5 Easy Hairstyles For Bad Hair Days


    Living in a humid and hot city can sometimes be challenging for things related to beauty. For example, good hair days. Some people are blessed with Sunsilk advertisement-worthy hair, but if you’re a poor unfortunate soul, here are some tips, tricks and hairstyles for you.

    What you will need:

  5. Get The Look: Miley Cyrus’ Demure Rock-Chic Beauty


    While the world frowns upon Miley Cyrus, I worship her. I love every single thing about the new Miley; from her bold style and sexy sounds to lastly, her immaculate make-up! If there’s one person who can pull off roc ...

  6. Show Support For Movember With This Cute Nail Art Design!


    You’ve probably noticed a lot of men with some crazy facial hair throughout the month. A portmanteau from ‘moustache’ and ‘November’, Movember is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Meanwhile, sponsors can pled ...

  7. The Cheapest, Cutest, Most Modest Way To Work Miley’s Twerk Bear Motif


    Lost the party mood lately? Fear not – twerk princess Miley Cyrus guarantees non-stop party action with Twerk Bear! Look how much fun celebrities like Paris Hilton

  8. How To Make Stackable Beaded Charm Bracelets


    We’ve had colleagues, two or three, who loved stacking their bracelets – this one’s for that lot! Beads are easy to find, and come much cheaper than you’d expect when they’re unstrung. Here’s how to make your own beaded bracelets, with a luxe charm. We used traditional stones and crys ...

  9. Wash & Dry Your Make-Up Brushes – The MacGyver Way!


    Once a DIY girl, always a DIY girl! I’ve been using this method of drying since the day I started using make-up brushes, and it holds and works very well. Here’s a quick how-to and life-hack you ought never forget – drying your brushes over the sink take an unnecessarily long time, and there’s al ...

  10. DIY: Personalised Clips For A Shoe Makeover

    shoe clip 10

    Who doesn’t love a little initialing? Peppering the basics with understated slight, they’re a cute way of personalising your things. Best part is dear reader, that your name can’t ever go out of style! Inspired by the Salvatore Ferragamo grosgrain Varina ribbon, but taking it two steps ahead, here ...