1. Looks We Love: Everything Velvet

    Feature Image

    As the Spring 2014 Couture shows take the stage, without a hint of goth, we must admit, we aren’t quite ready to part with velvet just yet. In its rich jewel tones, velvet pieces are the absolute easiest way to add luxe and edge up an outfit. How would you wear yours?

  2. Looks We Love: Printed Suits

    Ana P, Architect, Slovenia

    There’s always something about men and women in suits – polished and put together. In my opinion, it’s a look that’s sexy without needing to be obscene. Time to invest in a great set – Printed suits have become the latest must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, taking the classic suit, and twi ...

  3. Looks We Love: Chelsea Boots

    India R, 21, Student, United Kingdom

    Some boots were made for walking, and there are some we should just live in. Designed in the 1960s, these were the ultimate must-have in the mod-scene – Chelsea’s are tight-fitting ankle boots that’ll edge up any simple outfit. Versatile that you can wear them with skinnies, dresses or even skirts, the ...

  4. Looks We Love: Snakeskin

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    While I am totally against wearing anything that’s made of real animal skin, I do have love for animal prints, be it a bold leopard print or subtle cowshed print. Snakes happen to be my favourite animal. From the way they move to just their being; they’re beautiful, dangerous and sensual reptiles. Here&# ...

  5. Looks We Love: Bomber Jackets


    Originally created for pilots, somehow in time we’ve managed to make these uniforms a fashion piece. From the ’70s onwards, the bomber jacket became a staple in old sub-cultures like skinheads and scooter-boys. Today, while the leather jacket is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, the bomber jacket ...

  6. Looks We Love: Stained Glass Print


    We’ve seen the Milanese source inspiration from the pope’s installation long ago, but we’re thankful the trend finally trickled down to highstreet. Currently, we ...

  7. Looks We Love: Off-Season Tropical Prints


    Prints can be worn all year round, but its tropical variant is generally something you wear in the summer time. Which is why we’re loving this Fall’s offerings – slightly dulled, as if fashion was facing ‘holiday withdrawal’ symptoms. Here are some of the ways to understatedly wear the tren ...

  8. Looks We Love: Overalls


    This is the look that brings us back to our childhood; we’re ecstatic to see that overalls have made a come back and are now raiding the streets. There’s something about overalls that scream carefree innocence and youth. Possibly because we’ve all owned at least one pair of Osh Kosh B’gosh ov ...

  9. LOOKS WE LOVE: Lingerie As Outerwear


    Lingerie is a woman’s best kept secret. It adds more ‘oomph’ to her cleavage, skims her silhouette, lifts her asset and in my case, keeps everything in place. Be it bras, knickers or even garters, lingerie has a way of altering our characters. With the different fabrics and cuts, we could ...

  10. Looks We Love: Riding Pants

    Lucia L, 24, United Kingdom

    Riding pants are part of the equestrian uniform, sure, BUT who says you can’t wear them out without a horse? Made from a thick but comfortable material, they fit like a glove and are flattering to most body types. You can dress them up with heels or down with a casual tee, but whatever it is, rest assured you& ...