1. Looks We Love: Flower Crowns

    flower crown featured image

    While the origin of flower crown goes back to 4th Century BC during the Roman Times, Lana Del Rey, together with many a hippy gone twee at outdoor festivals and at other random occasions. They are colourful, fun, easy to make, and the epitome of summert ... ...

  2. Looks We Love: Creepers


    Rihanna has a pair. So does Katy Perry, Rita Ora and our very own Brandon Ong. A blast from the past, creepers have become the fave footwear of celebs and trendsetters alike. These thick-soled shoes are like the cooler, grungier sibling of stan ... ...

  3. Looks We Love: Crochet Craze


    Move aside, granny, ’cause crochets aren’t just for the oldies anymore! What used to be deemed outdated, has recently undergone a huge transition and is now easily incorporated into everyday street style. No longer just found as beach cover-ups, crochets give off a laidback feel that are perfect for addi ... ...

  4. Looks We Love: Palazzo Pants


    Pants are probably my least favourite kind of bottoms. Compared to breezy skater skirts or short shorts, I find them constricting, confining and to put it simply, not very well-ventilated. But I’m finding myself drawn to palazzo pant ... ...

  5. Looks We Love: The Cross Print


    Fashion can be pretty controversial and this time around, it takes somewhat of a holy (or unholy, depending on your takeaway) turn. The cross is well-known as a religious symbol yet has always been worked as a fashion print/piece by goths. Now however, the cross print has gone mainstream and you can see the print on ... ...

  6. Looks We Love: Cut Outs


    Now that the haze is almost gone (hooray!), the sun seems to be back out in full force. Seeing as how it’s still socially unacceptable to prance around in your panties (boo), we take the stylis ... ...

  7. Looks We Love: Chequerboard Print


    Monochrome and prints – this year, my two favourite trends were merged into one of S/S 2013′s showstoppers, the chequerboard print. While Louis Vuitton had its

  8. Looks We Love: Maxi Skirts With Sky-high Slits


    Remember how in high school, girls would ‘accidentally’ rip slits on their baju kurung bottoms? Well that trend seems to be enjoying a comeback as slits are starting to pop up on maxi skirts everywhere. From a practical point of view, slits make walking in maxi skirts much easier; while from a less prac ... ...

  9. Looks We Love: Sporty Chic

    Patricia D, http://lookbook.nu/look/4842771-Christian-Louboutin-Stilettos-Cambridge-Satchel

    Whether you’re a gym junkie or it was your (long abandoned) New Year’s resolution to get into shape, everyone owns some sportswear. Gym shorts, navy track bottoms or your old high-school sweatshirt; these pieces of clothing actually have so much more style potential than just being sweatsuits. From

  10. Looks We Love: Skater Skirts

    Jennifer W., 17, http://lookbook.nu/look/4345989-Merrin-Gussy-Helping-Hands-Collar-Tips-Sugarlips

    You know that one piece of clothing that you have multiples of, just in different colours and prints? It could be jeans, tank tops … but in my case, it’s skater skirts. Fun and flirty, I’m guilty of owning at least 10 skater skirts and what’s not to love about them? Whether printed, neon, lea ... ...