1. A Tattoo You Can Really Chew Into


    The world has seen its fair share of eccentrics and wacky ideas that humans have come up with, but there are some pretty peculiar stuff that will make virtual question marks pop out of your head like mushrooms. We are aware that it was lip tattoos that were all the hype previously but this, we really did not expect. ...

  2. Olympia Le-Tan Bookbags


    The Olympia Le-Tan brand probably is still very much foreign on our soil, but it is rapidly gaining recognition with its quirky concept of of a handbag. Instantly recognizable with its one of a kind structure, shape and physical appearance, Olympia Le-Tan ba ...

  3. Vote for Your Golden Globe Awards Best Dressed!


    After a few flutes of champagne to sooth the sharp Ricky Gervais jibes, Tinseltown stars at the 69th Golden Globe Awards would think that the worst is over. But oh, it’s only just beginning as we break out the style warrant and put the Golden Globe attendees under the magnifying eyeglass. Who left us breathles ...

  4. Weirdest Finds in SaSa

    F-cup Cookies not only fulfil your sweet tooth craving, it also increases bust size in each bite (RM168)

    SaSa is always the go-to store when it comes to beauty products but amid the skincare, makeup, fragrance and haircare products, here are some items that may raise a few eyebrows.