1. Catch the Pavilion Pitstop SS15 designer highlights


    Pavilion is holding its annual Fashion Pitstop showcase this week and we are thrilled to witness the designer labels they’re flying in this year. In conjuncti ...

  2. Time To Invest – NYFW Spring/Summer 2015 Just Proved That Sneakers Are Here To Stay


    As New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 starts wrapping as we speak, we’ve picked up on a specific trend that has been circulating the runway – sneakers! It’s a good season for sneakers. So for those of you who love your kicks, Spring/Summer 2015 is your time to shine!

  3. Breaking News! Cara Delevingne for DKNY & #CaraWantsYOU

    CARA D2

    Who can resist Cara Delevingne?! She’s been making waves in the fashion world and is one the top faces to look out for. She’s known for her quirkiness and humour, but most of all, her individuality … and them eyebrows! From singing to acting, Cara has proven she’s a little more multi-faceted ...

  4. Word Up! Trendspotting Logos In Print

    2014 brand names

    Back in the day, logos on designer products were mainly just a cunning way to make consumers walking advertisements. Soon after, it was no longer just an egotistic brand stamp, but a trend – a trend in which everyone and anyone followed! We don’t know if this is a good thing, or a bad thing, but this trend s ...

  5. DKNY Launches Lunar Capsule Collection

    Feature Image

    DKNY has designed a Lunar Capsule collection for the Year of The Horse, and it’s getting us all excited! The inspiration and overall look is a reflection of energy, style, passion, and essentially, the life of every party. The silhouettes and accessorie ...

  6. Trendspotting Spring/Summer 2013: Statement + Graphic Tees


    They’re a wardrobe staple of street style mavens, and here’s why: graphic tees are a one-two punch of simplicity and visual interest that can ground any look. While it’s casual and sporty, a bit of nuanced styling makes a T-shirt the chicest basic there is. We’re thinking wide-legged printed ...

  7. pureDKNY A Drop Of Rose introduces “Share If You Care”


    The next chapter of pureDKNY’s story, Share If You Care, is exclusively reserved to pureDKNY A Drop Of Rose’s 1.2 million Facebook fans, which is a brand new pureDKNY application on the global DKNY Fragrances’ Facebook page. In hopes of bringing the ravishing journey of the rose to life, this appl ...

  8. The Best Spring/Summer 2013 Campaigns


    Spring is just around the corner, and we have tasters. Presenting our favourite campaigns of the season, set to plaster a shopping facility near you.


  9. This Week in Fashion: Givenchy to take break from fashion shows as J.Crew goes luxury and more


    Let’s start off our last weekly fashion news recap of 2012 with great news. For quite some time now, mid-range J.Crew has been trying to break into the high end luxury brand market – and has finally made its first step, releasing the J.Crew Edie Alligator Bag priced at US$1,500! Repackaging one of its bigge ...

  10. NYFW S/S 2012 – Get The Look Now


    It’s only September, but after poring through dozens and dozens of collections from the ongoing Fashion Weeks, we completely understand if you’re tempted to skip a season and head straight for the neons and modern printed separates. We too were delighted by the bright colors, fresh shapes and infinite stylin ...