We’re deep into Hollywood’s award season, and are still salivating over the myriad of gorgeous dresses paraded down the red carpet. But did you know that stars are paid to wear jewellery on the red carpet? Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly paid $100,00 to wear diamond earrings to the Golden Globes. Ah, to be Jennifer Lawrence. (via DailyMailUK)

Wearable Golden Globes Dress Trends? Celebrity Stylist Lauren A. Rothman dishes! (via Huffington)

JenniferLDolce and Gabbana join the billionaires club! Forbes estimate that both are billionaires in their own rights … Amidst a major tax evasion scandal. (via Telegraph)

Get rid of cellulite while sleeping? Where do we sign up? (via DailyMailUK)

The latest Balenciaga boots are priced at US$1,275. Ouch! Here’s a list of alternatives to soothe the pain. (via SheFinds)

A female model booked to Ford’s Male division books her first campaign. Hurrah for gender ambiguity. (via Fasionista)

ConstanceWhich model is reportedly being sued for US$3.3 million after switching model agencies? Only one way to find out. (via Telegraph)

Mandarin is key to success in the luxury fashion industry – rejoice dual-language, Southeast Asians! (via Fashionista)

Nigel Barker of ANTM fame talks to Du Jour about his new show, ‘The Face’. (via Dujour)

Did you know that every one of five South Korean have had plastic surgery? So that’s why they look eerily similar!  (via Jezebel)

Agyness Deyn returns to modeling, but it’s the lack of clothes rather than the clothes themselves that have got people talking. See pictures and more. (via Refinery29)

NewTwiggyGinta Lapina, dubbed the new Twiggy, yay or nay? (via Fashionising)

Braids are reportedly hot for Spring 2013, learn how in this easy how-to-guide. (via Fashionising)

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