It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hardened cynic, gifts are always nice to receive and give. Here are our top picks for the best gifts to surprise your partner with at any point of your relationship.

Less than Three Months


FOR HER: Dream Catcher, RM30 from | Happy Snaps Disposable Camera, RM15, Typo | Boyfriend’s favorite sweater, priceless
FOR HIM: T-Shirt, RM40, H&M | Pierce The Veil x Sleeping With Sirens tickets, RM88, Skesh Entertainment | A letter, priceless

It’s only been a couple of weeks or months with your new flame and already the skies are bluer, you notice flowers where there weren’t before and life is perfect and beautiful. At this point, special occasion gifts ought to be thoughtful and cute, but not sock someone over with extravagance. If you feel like giving your girl something really personal, give her something of yours to keep. But not everyone is into cheese, so a small but meaningful gift is perfect. Document memories you two make on this special day with a camera, or help catch her dreams.

A concert ticket is the best way to anyone’s heart, so get your guy one to his favourite show. And you know how it’s always girls asking boyfriends to write them letters of appreciation? Change it up and give your guy the letter instead.  If you don’t know someone so well yet, a shirt is one of the most foolproof picks.

Three Months to One Year


FOR HER: Red Dot Note, RM9.50, Petit Paper | Aztec Case, RM20.00, OhOh! Blogshop
FOR HIM: SS Logan Printed Shirt, RM47.40, Cotton On | Victorinox Ranger Camping, RM221.00, BPE Online Store | Daytripper, RM75.96, Kinokuniya

IMO, it’s always a little tougher to buy presents for guys, but after three months to a year of dating the same one (good on you!), you should be pretty well acquainted with his habits, likes and dislikes, and that should make it a slightly easier task for you. Above, I picked these three items, because: 1. Guys seem to like graphic novels. 2. They also seem to enjoy being handy, and even if they’re not, giving them a Swiss Army knife implies that you think they are, which is a compliment they won’t turn down. 3. Shirts come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. How can you go wrong?!

Buying lady presents gets easier with the variety of things you could get your girlfriend. Beauty products, clothes, and accessories alone cover a large area of potential presents, but let’s look for something she wouldn’t expect.

1. Decorative notebooks are always nice to look at. Now, they don’t just come in ruled lines, grids, or blank pages. There are even designer notebooks for special things like travelling, your favourite people, and food!

2. Phone accessories are all the rage now since our phones have become an everyday necessity.

3. And finally, flowers, as tacky and cliché as they might sound. You don’t always have to buy a whole bouquet of them. You’d be surprised to find out how a single rose could brighten up someone’s day.

One Year and Above


FOR HER: Sigma Beauty Limited Edition Paris Palette, RM192.50, | Bongo Bing Bang by WeSC, RM199.20,
FOR HIM: Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack in Navy, RM339, Bratpack and Flight 001 stores, | ‘The Ultimate Shaving Experience”, RM110, Truefitt & Hill Bangsar Shopping Centre

There it is, you’ve managed a year, and it’s clear you’d like to stick around this person a bit longer. You want a gift that conveys commitment -so, practical- and yet something surprising and still Valentine-y. For the girls, this could be a limited edition Parisian-inspired palette from Sigma that includes a couple of the brand’s best brushes alongside 8 eye shadows, 2 blushes and a highlighter –
good for day to night looks. Alternatively, another limited edition- a headphone collaboration between streetwear label WEsC and cult jewellery label Bing Bang- is a sweet way for her to listen to tunes.

And what to get for your dude? Perhaps a gargantuan backpack so he can take his work and hobbies everywhere he goes, or a luxurious grooming session for the best shave he’ll ever have?

Single & Content


FOR HER: OPI Minnie Mouse Nail Lacquer, RM78, | Peep Toe Platform Wedges, approx. RM101, | Petite Lola Cake, RM45,
FOR HIM: The Playbook & The Bro Code, RM54 each, | 007 Fragrances James Bond Eau de Toilette Spray, RM98 – RM205,

Singles celebrate Valentine’s Day too! Girls, treat yourself to a day of manicures and pedicures while watching a good flick. (Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone?) If you’re up to wrestling the herds of people in the mall -retail therapy is the best type of therapy- get yourself a pair of new shoes, you deserve it! And while you are at it, give yourself a treat by getting dessert.

Guys, we have not forgotten about you. Paging all artsy types, why not splurge on a typewriter? Practical and rad, this is a gift you will treasure. For those who are single and ready to mingle, check out The Playbook where you’ll learn to ‘Suit Up. Score Chicks. Be Awesome.’ Psst … spritz on 007 James Bond Eau de Toilette for that extra pizazz. On the other hand, if you’re loyal to your brethren, The Bro Code is an ideal gift for yourself.


Image credit: Karen Horton