1. 12 New Scents For Summer Lovin’


    Catherine Deneuve once famously said, “You should put scent where you like to be kissed.” Halle Berry drove the point home and perhaps, took it a tad far, when she revealed that she applied her perfume on the inside of her thighs. Well, what better way to find your signature scent… / Read More

  2. Breaking News! H&M Opens 2 New Stores This Week & How You Can Win A RM200 Gift Card


    The wait is finally over! H&M’s grand opening of its latest stores in Nu Sentral and Johor Bahru City Square is happening this week! H&M Nu Sentral is to open on Thursday, July 17th, while H&M Johor Bahru City Square opens on Friday, July 18th. Queue up for the grand… / Read More

  3. Toms Is Opening In KL Next Week … Here’s Your Shopping List!


    Toms needs no introduction as it’s become quite the cult-favourite, ever since it started out in 2006. Is it because of its comfortable and stylish shoes, or the warm fuzzy feeling people get knowing that a child in need has a new pair shoes because of them? Perhaps a bit… / Read More

  4. Introducing: LLL+ @ 6th Floor, Sungei Wang


    Lah’Lah’Land is all about self expression in the strangest ways, especially when it comes to dressing up, and we can’t help but love them for it. The brand has grown exponentially since its starting days and is expanding by launching its brand new shop LLL+ (Lah’Lah’Land Plus) in Sungei Wang,… / Read More

  5. Where & Wear: LLL + Launch Party @ Sungei Wang


    The launch of Lah’Lah’Land’s new store, LLL +, happened last Saturday and we were invited to mingle, chill and take a look at the new space, while we went around style snapping and meeting new faces. There was a fashion show full of familiar faces, drinks, snacks and lots of… / Read More

  6. 5 Beauty Collaborations You’ve Got To Look Out For

    Urban Decay X Pulp Fiction

    We couldn’t stand to wait for the launch of these upcoming beauty collaborations … So we had to blast it all out in a post! We’ve curated 6 beauty collaborative collections that we feel worth drooling over in anticipation weeks before their launch. Darling readers, be prepared, be in the… / Read More

  7. Breaking News! Sustainable Design Competition Opens Its Doors To Malaysian Designers!


    Attention aspiring fashion designers! This year Fashion NGO opens its fifth cycle of sustainable fashion design competition, The EcoChic Design Award. In encouraging sustainable fashion in China’s designs, production and retail agenda, the annual competition challenges emerging designers in both Asia and Europe to design a textile waste-reducing collection that reflects… / Read More

  8. Looks We Love: A Splash of Neoprene

    a pair and a spare2

    The neoprene trend is taking scuba diving gear out of the water. The use of neoprene made a splash in fashion when Balenciaga released its scuba sweater not too long ago. Like other scuba diving gear, neoprene is spill-resistant (no more accidental grease stains and ketchup messes!); and we’d be… / Read More

  9. 8 Fashion Illustrators You Oughta Know!

    4 - Izziyana Suhaimi

    I have always admired artists who have incredible drawing, sketching and painting skills. In fact, there are several fashion illustrators that I look up to, but I whittled them down to eight favourites! Enjoy the stunning illustrations coming your way. MEGAN HESS Megan Hess is a Melbourne-based illustrator renowned for… / Read More

  10. Fashion Talks! Runway 2.0 To Discuss The Future & Sustainability of Malaysian Fashion


    Whoever said that fashion is for airheads couldn’t be more wrong. Especially in this day and age when fashion is looking towards modern technology for design inspirations, and not to mention the creation of haute couture pieces made by 3D printers! We’re practically the generation showed in ‘The Jetson’s’! If… / Read More