1. Going Gray

    Posted by shantee lim on December 16, 2011

    We needed a good transitional color from summer to fall, so here’s a color that’s sophisticated but still edgy – gray nails.  In and out of the runway trends for the past few years, gray nails has re-emerged as a hot nail polish trend for Fall 2011.

    Khloe Kardashian | Lauren Conrad

    Seen everywhere, this muted color is also great for the holiday season to help tone down your sparkly party dresses.

    Karen Walker fashion show | Megan Fox

    While I’ve tried almost every possible pastel colored nails, gray nails is something I’ve never ventured into. So if you’re like me, unsure about which gray is best for you, here are some guidelines on how to embrace this trend.

    For the Gray Nail Freshman
    Start off with the classic grays that would pair perfectly with any ensemble.

    Nubar & Zoya nail polish available at Nail Fiesta (http://www.nailfiesta.com) Misa nail polish available at Secret Allure (http://www.secretalluree.com)


    For the Night Owl
    Glam up with a slight shimmer to spice up an evening look.

    China Glaze & Nubar nail polish available at Nail Fiesta (http://www.nailfiesta.com)


    For the Adventurous
    Tried on gray nails before? Then have a go at these more offbeat shades.

    Color Club available at Nail Fiesta (http://www.nailfiesta.com) Essie & OPI available at Secret Allure (http://www.secretalluree.com)


    For the Bold Diva
    If gray hues are too dull or light for you, there’s nothing that a little glitter and crackle can’t solve.

    All available at Nail Fiesta (http://www.nailfiesta.com)

    All available at Nail Fiesta (http://www.nailfiesta.com)

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